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Slasha, Baby - LotRiPS secret santa fic exchange

Santa's little Lotrips helper
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This is a Lord of the Rings Real Person Stories (LOTRIPS) Holiday fic gift exchange
Slasha, baby is a Lord of the Rings Real Person Slash (lotrips) New Year's fic gift exchange that has been running since 2002! It is now moderated by msilverstar, elmathelas and feelforfaith, with thanks to founder birdsflying and former moderator yueni

Stories in this community often have explicit sexual descriptions and situations, and may include violence or swearing. Every story header will include a rating and the content is hidden behind a cut. If this bothers you, please go elsewhere. All adults are welcome to join the community, and comment on posted stories.

All participants should friend slashababy for further updates as all updates will be posted in the community.