Lotrips Slasha, Baby holiday fic exchange - authors revealed!

Thanks to all the authors who wrote great fics for this festival!

Note: I'm sure I have a few typos and mistakes: please let me know if you see them and I'll fix them right away.

escribodizzydameA Numbers GameBilly/Dom
dizzydame aka lavitanuovacarribbeAll That MattersBilly/Dom
frisbygitstonedmeAll the Ones I Used to KnowElijah/Marton Csokas
foxraferelmathelasBelieve, Be Bold, BeginBilly/Viggo
elmathelaskissing_athelasCaptivated All The WhileDom/Viggo potential
Galadriel (caras_galadhon)
foxraferDo You RememberViggo/Bean (Viggo/Billy)
thepsychicclamtweedle_Extraordinary Merry ChristmasOrlando/Elijah
angiepenafra_schatzIn a Perfect World part 1, part 2Eric Bana/Viggo
itstonedmeescriboThe Pirate and the OysterOrlando/Ian McKellan/Elijah (Dom implied)
savageseraphangiepenProving a PointViggo/Sean Bean, Harry/Karl
shegollumcaras_galadhonPuzzle PiecesViggo/Sean Bean
moitsavageseraphQuid Pro QuoViggo/Sean Bean
carribbeshegollumSharing The BurdenSean Bean/Viggo
idri_ficmoitUtter SubmissionUltimately Orlando/Viggo with Sean/Viggo, Orlando/Elijah, Orlando/Sean along the way
tweedle_frisbygThe Way to a Man's HeartOrlando Bloom, Ian McKellen, Viggo Mortensen, Karl Urban, Elijah Wood, Sean Bean.

"The Way to a Man's Heart" by tweedle_ for frisbyg - Lotrips Slasha Baby fic

Author: tweedle_
Title: The Way to a Man's Heart
Recipient: frisbyg
Pairing: Orlando Bloom, Ian McKellen, Viggo Mortensen, Karl Urban, Elijah Wood, Sean Bean.
Rating: PG13
Summary: Orlando does some baking.
Notes: An off the wall AU with some of my favourite guys. Hope you enjoy.
Post-reveal Notes: Many thanks to ismenin and itstonedme for their encouragement, honest feedback and many many betas.

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"Utter Submission" by idri_fic for moit - Lotrips Slasha Baby fic

Author: idri_fic
Title: Utter Submission
Recipient: moit
Pairing: Ultimately Orlando/Viggo with Sean/Viggo, Orlando/Elijah, Orlando/Sean along the way. Also mention of Troy hookups - Bloom/Bana, Bloom/Garrett Hedlund, Bloom/Tyler Mane. Erm yes. I may have been carried away.
Word Count: 7,458
Rating: NC-17 - BDSM & kink
Summary: The path of true love never does run smooth. Or quickly. From Rings to Troy to beyond- how Viggo and Orlando figured it out. With pron.
Notes: Lovely prompt, thank you! I really hope you enjoy where it took me. Thanks also go to the fantastic msilverstar, feelforfaith and elmathelas who by running the Slashababy show do so much to ensure that the road does indeed go ever on.
Post-reveal Notes: A huge thank you to helena_s_renn and legolas_is_mine for their beta work on this - to rather a tight deadline too! All remaining mistakes are, of course, my own. Thank you again to moit for such a wide-ranging and free prompt!

Warnings: Various kinks including breath play, fisting and bondage are mentioned. This is all done fully consensually and within positive BDSM experiences. AU in that none of the men mentioned have any of their real life relationships in this fic.

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"Sharing The Burden" by carribbe for shegollum - Lotrips Slasha Baby fic

Author: carribbe
Title: Sharing The Burden
Recipient: shegollum
Pairing: Sean/Viggo
Rating: R
Summary: NZ during early principal photography - Sean is feeling the burden of his role as Boromir, and Viggo volunteers to help ease the weight of the load.    
Notes: Slashababy Request - First time, chest twisty angst, and hopefully the right amount of smutty substance to validate it.

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"Proving a Point" by savageseraph for angiepen - Lotrips Slasha Baby fic

Author: savageseraph
Title: Proving a Point
Recipient: angiepen
Pairing: Viggo Mortensen/Sean Bean, Harry Sinclair/Karl Urban
Rating: R
Summary: Harry wants to prove a point to Sean.
Notes: For angiepen who gave much latitude in pairing and prompt. She did want something plotty with a hint of BDSM or humor.
Post-reveal Notes: Thanks to caras_galadhon who helped immensely.

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"Playground" by kissing_athelas for thepsychicclam - Lotrips Slasha Baby fic

Author: kissing_athelas
Title: Playground
Recipient: thepsychicclam
Pairing: Dom/Elijah
Rating: NC-17 (for bad language)
Summary: It's not that Elijah's pissed to see Dominic per se; but given his expectations, he wouldn't exactly say he's pleased.
Notes: thepsychicclam requested AU with a happy ending, and I was happy to oblige! Season's greetings - I hope you enjoy your gift. :)
Post-reveal Notes: Thank you to my beta, the fabulous kyuuketsukirui.

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"The Pirate and the Oyster" by itstonedme for escribo - Lotrips Slasha Baby fic

Author: itstonedme
Title: The Pirate and the Oyster, or How Orlando Got Bashy, Mon
Recipient: escribo
Pairing: OB/IM/EW (DM implied)
Rating: PG
Words: 5,051
Summary: AU. Inspired by this picture from the upcoming Treasure Island. Elijah is a patois spewing surf urchin. A few translations are at the end of the story.
Notes: Thank you, Dani, for giving me such a huge choice of characters to select from. And yet I still managed to come up with a trio that wasn't on your list. Happy reading nonetheless, and happy, happy holidays!
Post-reveal Notes: Many, many thanks to betas tweedle_ and stormatdusk for inspiration, great grammar, a plot bunny and a nautical refresher.

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