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For sassywitch: All Work and No Play

For: sassywitch
Title: All Work and No Play
Author: waqaychay
Pairing: Billy Boyd/Orlando Bloom
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Billy has kept his hands to himself for a long time, but everyone has a breaking point.
Notes: I wrote this for a lovely lady who has been on my flist for a long time. I really hope she enjoys it. Thank you to aire_blair for the super fast beta in my time of need!

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction, which means that while the characters depicted are based on public personas of real celebrities, the events described in the story never happened. This story in no way claims to represent the truth about the people mentioned within or the way they would behave.

When Billy Boyd met Orlando Bloom, there was an instant attraction. Of course there was. Why wouldn't there be? Billy was a happily bisexual man and Orlando was fucking gorgeous. Orlando was tall and olive-skinned and had cheekbones that any starlet would kill for. He had deep, soulful brown eyes and a voice that could talk the queen herself out of her knickers. However, and this was a very important 'however', Billy knew that he and Orlando would be working together quite closely and for a rather long time, so he decided to let this attraction slide. He chose work over play, though it nearly drove him mad, and he never regretted his decision.

Well, except for those times when he did. Like when Orlando came to set early in the morning, still sleepy and soft, and would cuddle up to Viggo or Bean and say, "Carry me, would you? What do you think I keep you smelly Humans around for, anyway?" Billy's cock would twitch every time he saw Orlando's long arms encircle another man, and he'd have to turn away from the ensuing rough-housing, lest any of the other hobbits discover Pippin had a thing for elves. Or when the cast met up in a pub after shooting was over for the day and Orlando walked through the door wearing fucking eyeliner and jeans that looked ready to fall off his hips with every step and Billy wanted nothing more than to throw him over a table and fuck the little tease like he was begging for. Or any time Billy got a peek at that scar down the kid's back. Or....

Or any time Orlando breathed, really. Or said Billy's name, or his own name, or accidentally brushed against Billy in the catering tent.

But, no, Billy kept his hands to himself and his mind focused on the work. Mostly. But, goddamn it, it was hard.

Which was why he was so fucking pissed off when he walked into the bathroom during Pete's Christmas party and found Orlando getting ready to fuck Dominic Monaghan over the toilet.

Billy slammed the bathroom door behind himself and pointed one drunkenly wavering finger at Dom. "You," he snarled, "need to get the fuck out of here. Right now." Dom knew that tone of voice. He pulled his trousers up and got the fuck out.

"And you," Billy continued, now pointing the unsteady finger at Orlando, "Fucking Dom?"

Orlando shrugged. "He was interested." There was a slight emphasis on 'he', but Billy ignored it for more important things.

"You, take your clothes off. All of 'em. Now."

Orlando had been standing with cock erect and hanging out of his fly since Billy's unexpected arrival, but now the young man came back to himself and tried to tuck his erection back into the open vee of his jeans. "What the hell are you doing, man?" he complained. "I was in the middle of something, and you just come busting in here--"

"Door was unlocked," Billy countered angrily. "Anyone could walk in and see you with your cock hanging out. It's a nice cock, by the way." It was, too. Billy had often imagined Orlando's cock, but was pleased to see it was longer and thinner in reality. He wanted to see it again. He advanced on Orlando until they were only inches apart. "Didn't I tell you to take your clothes off?"

Backing up slightly, Orlando put some distance between them. "Billy, man, you're drunk."

Billy raised his glass of beer in salute. "Damn right. Get naked." When Orlando didn't move, Billy sighed and set his beer down, reaching for the man's shirt buttons himself. Hands came up to stop his and Billy snarled his frustration.

"Why do you want me naked?" Orlando asked, clearly puzzled.

Billy rolled his eyes. He knew the kid was no rocket scientist, but surely, that much was obvious. "Because I can't fuck you with your kit on, can I?"

A slow smile lit up Orlando's face. "You want to fuck me?"

"Of course I want to fuck you," Billy said testily. "I've wanted to fuck you since the day we met. Do you know how hard it was not to drag you into the airplane toilet and bugger you senseless? Really fucking hard." Tired of talking, he shook Orlando's restraining hands off and ripped the kid's shirt open, sending buttons plinking to the floor. "Whoa" was whispered from above him, but he ignored that in favor of leaning in to take one brown nipple between his teeth.

Things got a bit hazy then, what with the ripping off of clothing and the scratching of nails down skin and the whimpering. Billy's next clear thought was that Orlando must have sucked a few cocks in his day, because his mouth was fucking fantastic.

Gripping Orlando's thick hair in his hands, Billy guided that mouth up and down his shaft as slowly as he could stand it. On his knees, the kid was the perfect height for this, and Billy groaned at how perfectly hot and wet and delicious it felt to slide into a throat that opened up for him like it was made to do so. "Oh, lad," he breathed as Orlando scraped his teeth gently against his shaft on the out-stroke. "Bloody brilliant mouth you have. Tomorrow, I'm gonna fuck it like it needs to be, hard and fast. I'll come so hard down your throat, I'll impregnate your tonsils. But right now, I need your arse."

Orlando pulled off Billy's cock with a slurp. "Oh, man, you have a great cock, Billy," he moaned, jerking Billy's cock with one hand and rolling his balls with the other. He leaned in and tugged sharply on the ginger pubic hair with his teeth. Billy hissed and clenched his hands tighter in his hair. "You're gonna feel so good inside me."

"Come on, come on," Billy urged and pulled the kid up by his armpits. Once Orlando was standing, Billy pushed him over the sink, where he braced his hands on the porcelain. Finally, finally, Billy did something he'd been aching to do for almost a year. He pressed his hips to Orlando's arse and licked up the inch-wide scar as far as he could reach. It tasted delicious.

"Oh," Orlando gasped as Billy sank his teeth into his shoulder blade. The kid's arse pushed back, and Billy thrust forward, rubbing his cock between the cheeks. "Billy!"

The sound of his long-time fantasy partner shouting his name in pleasure nearly broke Billy's self-control, if he had any left by that time. Growling, he gripped Orlando's hips hard and kept them from humping backward again. "Lube. Now," he demanded.

"Don't need it," Orlando gasped back, and Billy did break then. Shoving Orlando forward even more, he kicked those long legs apart a little wider. Taking himself in one hand, he guided his cockhead to the small, tight arsehole then pushed hard with his hips. Orlando's head came up with a scream, and Billy nearly lost himself and came with only an inch of his cock buried in the other man. A quick twist to his own balls staved off his orgasm long enough to thrust again, sheathing himself completely.

Knowing he wouldn't last long, Billy began a series of hard, fast thrusts, withdrawing to the head before shoving back inside. He couldn't believe how tight Orlando's arse was. And it was so fucking hot inside he thought he might burn the skin off his dick. He didn't care, though. His whole body could burn if he could just come in the next five minutes. It only took four.

Billy threw his head back and howled as he came. His hands gripped Orlando's waist tight enough to leave bruises on the kid for days, but he didn't care. All he cared about was getting as deep inside him as he could get as he pumped shot after shot of warm, sticky come into Orlando. He ground his hips against that firm arse, fitting every last millimeter inside until the waves of pleasure began to fade.

His head fell forward, and Billy rested it on Orlando's sweaty scar as he caught his breath. "Oh, Jaysus, lad, you killed me," he panted.

Orlando squirmed under him. "Bill-y," he whined, trying to thrust his hips backward but not having any luck as he was pinned between Billy and the sink.


An annoyed snort proceeded an abrupt grab of his hand, and then his fist was being curled around Orlando's still rock hard shaft. "Fuckin' do something!" Orlando cried. "Fucking hell, Billy!"

A sated smile spread across Billy's face. "All right, lad," he laughed. "Don't get your panties in a twist." He tightened his fist and began jacking Orlando off at a slow, steady pace. Orlando whined and tried to urge him to move faster. Billy smacked his arse. "I'll get you there, Orli, don't worry," he promised.

Still mostly hard, Billy began thrusting again, his eyes nearly rolling back at the feel of his cock sliding through the come coating the inside of Orlando's arse. He closed his left hand around the kid's cock just above his right and stroked him with both fists. Orlando mewled and writhed and clenched, and Billy grit his teeth. His hips snapped forward faster and faster, and he matched the pace with his hands until he thought he'd die from the intensity if Orlando didn't come soon.

Just when Billy thought he couldn't stand a second longer, Orlando came, gasping and grunting and pounding the sink basin with his fists. Billy felt the warm liquid coat his fist and shuddered with lust. He couldn't wait to do this again and have the kid shoot off in his mouth.

The next thing Billy knew, he was on his naked arse on the tiled floor, staring up at Orlando's arse, watching as come dribbled out and ran down a long thigh. "Uh," he grunted, slightly embarrassed that he had just fallen on his arse in front of someone he had just shagged rotten.

Turning and sinking to the floor, as well, Orlando smiled widely. "You all right, man?" he asked. Billy nodded and shrugged as if it happened every day. "So... I take it you've been wanting to do that for a while, yeah?"

The world was starting to gray out around the edges, and Billy didn't see anything wrong with passing out cold right where he was. In fact, the floor was looking really comfortable at the moment. He laid back and covered his eyes with a hand, waving the other at Orlando. "Gotta keep m' hands off," he mumbled. "Gotta work together."

From far away, Orlando laughed. "Bit late for that, Billy." There was a pause, then Orlando continued. "Why the fuck didn't you say something? There's no reason we couldn't... do what we just did just because we work together. We're both adults. Daft hobbit. Just wait until tomorrow. You're arse is mine, Boyd."

Maybe it was the alcohol, maybe it was the exhaustion, or maybe it was just the promise of getting fucked the next day, but Billy knew Orlando was making sense. Billy hoped it would still make sense in the morning. And as he drifted off to sleep, he thought, hell, why not? All work and no play and all that.


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