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For tweedle_: Stealing Kisses

For: tweedle_
Title: Stealing Kisses
Author: kimberleigh_
Pairing: Viggo, Billy, Dom, Liv, Orlando, Miranda, Bernard, Karl, Sala, David and Ian in various pairings and groups
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Viggo has a plan.
Notes: Since you didn't ask for a specific pairing, I picked some of my favorite cast members, smooshed them together, and hopefully you will like them as well. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction, which means that while the characters depicted are based on public personas of real celebrities, the events described in the story never happened. This story in no way claims to represent the truth about the people mentioned within or the way they would behave.

Spin the Bottle had been Viggo's idea. He claimed that because it was his birthday, he got to choose the entertainment. The night was getting late, and most of his guests had already left. Those who remained were not exactly sober and as a result, up for anything.

Billy had laughed when Viggo first brought it up.

"You all just want an excuse to kiss me." He exclaimed, his scotch sloshing over the side of his glass as he gestured wildly. Viggo just grinned, but said nothing. Billy continued, "I'm game, I'll kiss anyone."

"In that case you can go first." Viggo said, handing Billy an empty wine bottle.


When the bottle came to rest in front of Dom, Billy smiled and Dom blushed. Billy had been wanting to kiss Dom for weeks. He crawled over to where Dom sat fidgeting, leaned in and kissed him.

Billy licked at his dry lips, and Dom's tongue darted out to meet Billy's. There was a charge that went through them both. Billy pulled Dom closer in an effort to deepen the kiss. He was rewarded with a small moan from Dom.

They didn't break apart until they started hearing cat calls from their companions. As they separated, Billy growing pink while Dom turned even redder. Dom just sat looking dazed for a long moment.

"Whenever you're ready Dom." Viggo said. After a deep breath, Dom reached for the bottle and spun.


Kissing Viggo was not at all like kissing Billy, and Dom wasn't sure which he liked better. Viggo's kiss was a lot like how Viggo was. Rugged and a bit rough, with just a breath of something mysterious. Dom felt himself just surrender into it.

Viggo pinned him to the couch, one hand pulling gently at his hair. He nipped at Dom's pouty bottom lip. Dom thought he could taste New Zealand on his tongue, and that made him dizzy.

When the kiss was finally over, Viggo whispered into Dom's ear, "You taste like Billy. It's nice."

With a flick of the wrist, he took his turn.


When the bottle landed at Liv, she laughed, a sound clear and pure like glass. Viggo stood and pulled her to her feet. Taking her hands, he kissed the back of one then the other before turning them over and kissing her palms.

"My lady." He said with a serious tone before kissing her lips. It was perhaps the purest kiss of the night.

As Liv sank back down to the floor, she gave Viggo a wink.

"My Lord." She replied, reaching for the bottle.


Orlando approached kissing like he did everything else. With equal parts zeal and naiveté. Liv found it utterly charming, and sweet.

She settled into his lap and took his face in her hands. She gave him a series of kisses, each lasting longer then the one before, and soon they were kissing in earnest. Her hands in his hair pulling him into her lips, his fingers grasping at her hips.

Liv heard someone say "Get a room" as she finally extracted herself from Orlando, but she gave him a look which said the exact same thing.

It was with a shaking hand that Orlando reached for the bottle.


If Liv was all things sweet and gentle, then Miranda was not. She was heat and spice. The yang to Liv's yin. One touch of her lips and Orlando knew exactly who was in charge.

Her lips felt soft, yet were very demanding. When she let his tongue into her mouth, it was like being plunged into a pool of warmth. Orlando swore he could feel himself melting. And before he knew it, it was over.

"Not bad for an elf." She said. Orlando tried to look offended, but it didn't work and she just laughed. "Alright bottle, give me someone good."


Bernard was the everyman, the regular guy who had stumbled into an extraordinary experience. When the bottle ended pointing at him, he crooked a finger at Miranda and beckoned her over to him.

He watched with a bemused expression as Miranda advanced on him on all fours. She climbed into his lap and threw her arms around his neck.

"Kiss me." She whispered, and Bernard did just that.

It was experience that Miranda thought she could taste in his kiss. Not to mention the very expensive bourbon he had been drinking. When she tried to take control, he would have none of it, and kissed her soundly on his terms.

The result, when they finally parted, was a dazed look in her eyes.

"Wow." Was all she could say as she brought her fingers to her red lips. Bernard patted her cheek and reached for the bottle.


Kissing Karl was like kissing rain. Cool and wet, but there was a hint of something strong underneath and the metallic taste of lightning. Bernard found that once he tasted it, he needed to taste it again, and plunged his tongue back into Karl's mouth.

Karl could give as good as he got, and there was a certain amount of push and pull between them, as they both tried to get the upper hand on the other. Karl eventually won out, but he knew it was because Bernard let him. That caused a shiver to go down his spine, his mind moving into uncharted places.

He was still reeling when he reached for the bottle.


Kissing Sala was not at all like Karl thought it would be. They leaned across the circle and their lips met in a short, almost chaste kiss. Karl was very taken by feel of Sala's large lips and couldn't tear his eyes away as they parted. He watched as one side twitched up into a smile and was surprised when Sala brought their lips back together for a second kiss that was less chaste and more fire. That was more like it, Karl thought after Sala had let him go.

Sala was smiling as he spun the bottle.


David would later admit to a raging crush on Sala which was why he flushed a bright pink when the bottle ended up pointing at him. Sala pulled him to his feet and close. David could feel his warmth and his own body responded in kind.

Their kiss was short, just long enough so they could get a taste of one another. David knew that he wanted more, and he guessed that Sala did too, judging by the way he clung to him.

"Later." David whispered as he, rather reluctantly, pulled away from Sala.


When the bottle came to rest in front of Billy, David quickly found himself with a lap full of drunken, giggling Scot.

"Hello Daisy." Was all he said before giving him a rather noisy, wet kiss. David couldn't help but smile. He suspected that Billy was a pretty good kisser when he was sober, but it was hard to tell through the laughter.

"I guess it's my go again." He said, climbing off of David and reaching for the bottle one more time.


They managed to get another round in before people started cheating so they could kiss the people they wanted. Viggo smiled, satisfied that his plan had worked so well. He cast his eyes around the room.

Billy and Dom had long since disappeared, either into the garden or upstairs to the extra bedroom. Orlando and Liv where sharing his leather recliner, playing with each other's hair, speaking softly.

David and Sala were in the dining room talking, but they stood much closer then one normally would for pleasant conversation.

Miranda was curled into Bernard's left side, while Karl leaned against his right. The fingers of Bernard's one hand gently caressed the bare skin above Miranda's waistband, the other lay possessively on Karl's knee.

Moving into the kitchen, Viggo grabbed his phone and dialed a number from memory. He hoped that the person on the other end wouldn't mind a call so late.

"Hi Ian, its Viggo. No the party is winding down. Yeah, it worked like a charm. I was wondering if you would like some company. I can be there in twenty minutes."


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