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I wish I could somehow post this anonymously, and keep with the whole element of it, but what the hell.

Title: Four Souls
Rating: NC-17
For: Aqui (pinion), who requested any combination of Viggo, Bean, Orli and Elijah and an AU. This includes beanorlijah, vigbean, viglijah, beanorli, and more beanorlijah. Because I loves me my threesomes.
Notes: Crossover with Philip Pullman's "His Dark Materials" books; specifically, Lyra's world.
Disclaimer: The HDM books are, of course, the property of Pullman. This is fiction, and I'm making no claims about any of the real people whom these characters are based on and named after.

Sean buried his head in the pillow, pulling his arms up to cover his head, and the muscles in his shoulders and back were tense. The younger men were both still laughing.

Brigid growled viciously and batted at Moriah as the robin daemon fluttered about her head. Sterling took her chance at that, darting under Brigid's head and nestling into the space that was all soft and warmth, between the crook of her other paw and the pale fur of her chest. Even as the mouse made herself comfortable, the small charcoal gray of her lost among the tawny soft heat of Brigid's throat, Elijah managed to wrangle one of Sean's arms up and bury his own head alongside Sean's for a kiss.

Orlando's laughter grew as he looked away for a moment. Although Brigid had buried her own head as well by now, Moriah had darted back to him, her endless fluttering pausing long enough for her to whisper something in Orlando's ear, something that Elijah's Sterling had whispered to her, something of what she had seen in Brigid's deep blue eyes. Orlando draped himself across both Elijah and Sean now, and carelessly kissed Sean's shoulders, his curls now tousled by Moriah's careless wings. He heard Brigid growl again and laughed all the harder as he felt Moriah dart out of the cougar's halfhearted swipe, and this time he saw what Moriah had mentioned, and understood why Sean was hiding his face, for Brigid's eyes were glowing bright blue, and now Sean had given up the fight and his tense muscles were shaking with laughter.

Moriah swooped in once more, with a joyous robin's trill, and this time Brigid was not halfhearted, or Moriah was through playing, for with a softer growl, Brigid managed to catch the bird-daemon in her paws. Sean rolled over suddenly, pinning Orlando beneath him with a predatory smile, and Orlando's heart caught in his throat as Brigid and Moriah fell down to earth, Brigid's claws half-extended.

Sterling, robbed of her cozy warm burrow, gave a small squeak to the other daemons then, and her human seemed somewhat put out himself. "Always have to be the center of attention, don't you, Orli?" Elijah said, rolling his eyes.


Orlando wondered how his mouth must have felt on Sean's cock, if he felt it more or less or just differently than Orlando felt Sean's mouth on his own. Certainly it felt different in his mouth than that of Orlando's first, a Jewish boy like himself.

Judging by Sean's eyes alone, which were closed tightly, it was no less pleasurable. Sean's breathing was heavyhotharsh, and Orlando felt something leap and plummet within himself -- Moriah had grabbed hold of one of Brigid's ears with her small beak, and the cougar daemon gave a snarl as Sean's hips jerked involuntarily, thrusting him further between Orlando's lips. Brigid twisted in a half-crazed flash, pinning Moriah as Sean's fingers twisted in Orlando's curls, and the dark-haired boy shivered as the cougar dragged a claw slowly down the brown feathers on Moriah's back.

Of course, he reflected later, it was really all academic. There was no way that either of them could ever know, completely, just what the other felt.


Brigid's fur was not beautiful. It was rough -- perhaps it had been softer when Sean was young, but Viggo very much doubted that. Neither was its color, a plain, dusty taupe, uniform save her paler belly and the darker tips of her nose and ears, anything particularly remarkable. She did not shine, save for sometimes, when Sean himself was particularly composed, and then, truly, her fur did have some of its own rough charm.

It was her eyes that made her remarkable. They were a deep blue, like snow at twilight, and when Sean was happy, when he offered one of his most rare and private brilliant smiles, his cougar daemon's eyes seemed to glow with a cold, bright brilliance of their own, becoming paler until they were almost like stars, stars that twinkled when Sean was laughing.

She watched Viggo with those eyes -- now, as Sean slept, they were their normal twilight blue. Brigid watched him, and he watched her right back, and both of them studied each other with a quiet, gentle curiosity born out of common interest; that is, their mutual attachment to the man who now slept peacefully between them -- though hers, of course, was more inseparable by far than his.

The cougar was a skinny creature. Not skinny, really, but lean -- there was precious little fat to hide or soften the startling fluid lines of her muscles. Her claws were half retracted, and though, of course, she would never really touch any attacker, the daemon made an intimidating sight.

Viggo's own Einar fluttered over to her then, and she suffered the moth to light upon her head. Brigid closed her eyes, and her muscles seemed to become less sharp as she relaxed some bit.

He would, of course, never really know what Brigid's fur really felt like. It looked rough, he had always thought, but Sean was the only person who could know for sure, and he kept such private things well secret.


Elijah no longer made any secret of the fact that he could never help but watch Einar, entranced, as the zodiac moth shape fluttered around the room. In the right light, Viggo's daemon shimmered like fire through jewels, his tiny, dark feathers glowing pink and violet and orange. Between his brilliant colors and the delicate shapes of his wings, it was easy to mistake the daemon for a butterfly; only the thicker body gave him away as a moth.

Elijah had thought him a butterfly at first himself, in fact. It was only when Viggo was sleeping beside him one day and Einar came to rest on his chest, rising and falling as he breathed, that Elijah realized his own mistake.

That was the closest that he had ever come to another person's daemon, for his arm had been thrown across Viggo's torso as he lay on his stomach beside the older man. The remembering of it, how he might only have moved his arm up a bit to brush Einar, still filled him with a sickly, shameful thrill.

But neither Viggo nor Einar, he knew, would ever have been so careless.


"Aren't they beautiful?" Moriah asked laughingly. She had stopped darting around the room, watching Sterling and Brigid tussle, for long enough to light on Orlando's shoulder as he sat on the edge of the bed. He did not know to whom she referred, the daemons or their humans.

"Yes," he finally said, laughing as she tugged at one of his curls impatiently with her beak, wanting an answer. "Yes, of course they are. It's why we love to watch them, remember?"

"She's so careful with Sterling," Moriah mused. Orlando, though, was too enthralled by the human bodies to spare much of a look at their daemons now. Elijah's soft keening was the most beautiful sound in the world right then. He rocked in Sean's lap, eyes closed tightly and the sheets clenched in his fists while Sean's hand slid gently along Elijah's length.

He felt Moriah's arousal, though, and guessed, as she took off again, fluttering and hovering and trying to see more, that what she was watching was just as beautiful as the sight before her human's eyes.

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