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Merry Christmas!

My hard drive crashed, and I lost all my email, so I’m not sure who this is for. If it’s yours, Merry Christmas!

Title: All I Want For Christmas
Pairing: Billy/Elijah
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not true..not my boys..if they were…well, they’re hobbits…if they were mine, I’d give them to YOU for Christmas! ;)

Treebeard scenes…Elijah hates the treebeard scenes, because he knows it means that Dom and Billy will be stuck on the soundstage all day doing blue screen work, while he himself is out in a forest somewhere trailing after Gollum. It isn’t the inside work he begrudges them…it’s the time they get to spend together. Time is the one thing he doesn’t seem to have enough of lately, and certainly not the kind of quality time he needs to make one Willam Boyd realize he needs one Elijah Wood as the center of his life.

Oh, this obsession wasn’t a sudden thing, in fact Elijah can’t pinpoint the moment he knew…but know now he does, and it’s like a living thing inside him. A living thing that compels him to try and try again to garner the older man’s attentions.

Billy, however, is a somewhat oblivious bloke, Elijah soon determines, and his attentiveness seems to embarrass the older man. Worried about alienating him, Elijah decides to back off and wait…let time and hopefully nature take it’s course. Time and nature would have a lot easier time of it though, if Billy weren’t constantly in the company of either Dominic or Orlando. The three of them have become nigh inseparable, and Elijah is quickly running out of reasons to tag along with them.

He’s managed to go surfing with them several times, only to be treated to the day long joy of watching Orlando give Billy surfing lessons. Personal surfing lessons that begin with both men straddling one board. As much as Elijah loves Orlando, at that moment in time he could have cheerfully watched the man drown.

He’s gone clubbing with them...thankful that here he’s old enough to go along without a hassle. He even got the nerve to ask Billy to dance once, only to be told by Dom that Billy’s dance card was full…as he drug Billy to the floor and began to gyrate. After an evening of watching Dom and Orlando switch off dancing with Billy, Elijah was ready to scream…scream and throw things.

He even went so far as to go bungee jumping with the crazy older hobbits; though Sean tried valiantly to talk him out of it. Sean was the only member of the cast that Elijah had confided in , and while he understood Elijah’s desire to go, he also warned him of the risks…not only to his person, but to his heart. And still Elijah chose to tag along. Standing on the abutment, he reached to squeeze the hand of the man next to him, only to have it withdrawn quickly…by one Billy Boyd. That cut was the deepest, and yet still he pined for the older man.

This went on for months, Elijah watching Billy watch Dom and Orlando. As Dom and Orlando grew closer and closer, it seemed that Billy grew more and more quiet. Elijah still hadn’t figured out which one Billy loved, and even at times wondered if he loved both men; and even this wasn’t enough to quiet his need for the man.

Billy himself wondered what was becoming of his lovely little world here. New Zealand had been a land of new adventures and new friendships…now two of his friends were quickly becoming a singular unit and the other seemed so very lost and alone. He was very reluctant to reach out to Elijah, fearing his intentions would be misread by the others. Elijah was, after all, so very young and so very pretty, with those huge blue eyes a man could get lost in and those full pouty lips that just begged to be kissed. Billy could just hear the rumors now, and so he held back and kept his distance…always putting Dominic and Orlando between them.

And now it’s Christmas. Peter has thrown a huge party for cast and crew and all were in attendance before they left for the short winter break. The gathering was held in the Golden Hall, built for the movie and perfect for such an occasion. The music was loud and the food was good…the beer was cold and the bar was open…all in all a very good party. If one were looking for a very good party, that is.

This night, a good party is the farthest thing from Billy’s mind. He isn’t thinking about parties or trees or gifts or even about going home. He’s decided to remain here for the holidays, and his sister will fly in for a few days. It’s warm here, this time of year, and she is his only family. No…parties and family isn’t what he’s lacking…it’s love. One special love, and though it seems he’s been searching for it all his life…now that he’s found it…well, it’s never seemed quite so far away. He’s spent the last 10 minutes wandering around outside the Golden Hall, but soon he must rejoin the others.
Heading back inside, Billy wanders through the cast party, looking for someone and no one in particular. It seems to be his fate lately. He knows now who he wants, but also knows that someone isn’t his…can’t, won’t be his. For all the ways it would be right…there are ways in which it will never be. He sees them then…dancing away as though no one were watching, knows they wouldn’t care even if they knew. Hands touch chests, arms curl around necks, and still they dance. Standing rooted to the spot he watches. A darkly haired head rests on a broad shoulder, then they turn…the dark head lifts..lifts..lifts, and suddenly lips meet. This is the point he always looks away…always walks away. It hurts too much to watch. He doesn’t want to stand here seeing what he needs and yet can never have…hungers for yet will never taste. Turning quickly he walks away from the couple…Dom and Orlando entangled on the dance floor.

From the other side of the room, Elijah watches him leave. He doesn’t know which man Billy wants, just knows he wants Billy. What he doesn’t know is that Billy doesn’t want a dancer…he wants what the dancers have…and he wants it with the Ring bearer

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