Ari (iamari) wrote in slashababy,

Dom/Billy with a happy ending for D.

Author: Ari iamari
Rating: PG-13
Pairing Dom/Billy
Disclaimer: This is a work of pure fiction. No harm is meant, nor am I making any statement as to the true nature of Billy and Dom's life. I made it all up. In's all lies.
Warnings: Slash... the community should have given that away.
Feedback: Gladly accepted.

A/N: Written for D for 2003 Slasha, baby exchange. Thanks to juweldom for the check on my characterization and the beta *smooches*

The snow flake landed on skin so chill that it lasted just a second longer than normal and Dom was able to study the crystalline structure for a brief moment before it melted into nothing more than a bit of moisture that didn't even smudge the lettering on his hand. What was he doing out here anyway? Oh right...getting way from Billy and Elijah. Billy and Elijah who were at this minute dancing so close that a bit of paper wouldn't fit between them.

His finger slowly traced the letters and designs inked onto his skin and he tried not to think too hard about them. Before he could stop himself though, he was thinking; remembering the way Billy's palm was warm and steady against his own. If he closed his eyes, Dom could see the look of concentration on Billy's face as the pen tickled the skin on the back of his hand. As the snow picked up, Dom smiled at the way his memory settled on the small details of that moment; the way just the tip of Billy's tongue barely stuck out, they look of Billy's fingers curled around Dom's hand to hold it still. Suddenly Dom laughed out loud into the still quiet of the night, he was remembering the way Billy has chastised him for not holding still. It had taken all of Dom's concentration to stay still as Dom filled his skin with bubbled letters in blue ink.

The smile faded as Dom felt more flakes falling onto his skin. His eyes blinked open and his momentary shift to joviality disappeared like a match in a bucket of ice water. He'd long since lost track of the number of times he'd been close to telling Billy how he really felt. Tonight had been the last straw. Tonight when Billy's attention had been fully focused on his bored doodlings…on Dom, right up until Elijah appeared and tapped Billy on the shoulder, "You ready?"

Billy had simply nodded, given Dom a bit of a smile and followed Elijah out on to the dance floor. Dom had watched for all of five minutes before retreating to the back deck the pub never used in the winter. The cold and calmer feel of it suited Dom's mood better than the artfully cheery dance music inside.

It wasn't that Dom didn't love Elijah like a brother, he did and he hoped they were happy together, but that didn't stop the ache watching them together brought. Dom knew that look, the one Billy had been giving Elijah. He knew every little crinkle in the corners of Billy's eyes, the way his chin seemed to appear pointed when his smile grew wider, but this was something more. There had been warmth and closeness in that smile that Dom had certainly never seen directed at him. Dom stared up into the sky, watched the flakes like dark ash floating to earth and tried to will the pain away.

Billy was hot, not like sexy hot, like sticky, sweaty hot. His heart lurched when he saw the look on Dom's face just before Dom walked out. In all the times that Billy had played out the scenario in his head, the one where he finds out Dom returned his feelings, it had never looked like this. He stopped dancing and Elijah drew back to look at him, "Problem Bill?"

"Aye." Billy didn't want to elaborate, after all he'd agreed to this little fantasy scenario of Elijah and Orli's and he didn't want to let them down. Forcing a stiff smile, Billy started dancing again, his body tight against Elijah's. Sliding his hands down to cup Elijah's ass, Billy squeezed and pulled his friend in even tighter while his head tipped to nip at Elijah's throat. The soft moan Elijah made didn't even register for Billy, he'd been excited about doing this, intending to push Elijah as far as he could before Orli intervened, but now…now his mind was entirely with Dom. Drawing on all his experience, Billy continued the act, one hand slipped beneath Elijah's shirt and traced over sweat damp skin.

A firm hand landed on Billy's shoulder and he only barely held himself back from sighing in relief. The rest of the scene was a blur and the moment his part was over, he left Elijah and Orli sucking the air from each other's lungs and raced for the back door after Dom. Unless Dom had climbed the fence, he would still be out there and this was exactly the chance Billy had been waiting for.

Billy was right, Dom was still there, standing statue still, thumbs hooked in his pockets as he stared up at the sky. His eyes had closed and the soft kiss of the snowflakes against his face was oddly comforting. The door thunked quietly shut as Bill stood there and stared, his mind locking that image away to be treasured for years to come.

The soft sound broke his calm and Dom looked toward it, opening his eyes slowly, an almost painful longing in them as they met Billy's. "Shouldn't you be with..."

Billy shook his head, cutting off whatever Dom had been about to say and walked slowly through the dry, creaking snow until he stood directly before the younger man. "No."

"But I saw you, you and him were..."

Lifting one finger, he laid in gently over Dom's lips. "Aye, but what you saw was not what you thought. T'was for Orli. Playacting y'know?" Billy's voice was soft, his breath caressing Dom's lips.

Dom's smile was slow in coming, but he, like all the hobbits were well aware of Orli's voyeurism fetish. Suddenly the pieces all fell into place, the abruptness of Elijah's attitude the out of nowhere grinding on the dance floor. If Dom had been anywhere near his right frame of mind he would have realized how many discrepancies there were between what he was seeing and what he knew to be true. It's not like Elijah was anywhere near the point where he would consider leaving Orlando, the two were practically glued at the hip. All those thoughts flickered silver quick across his mind before he realized that he was standing there, Billy's finger against his lips and he was thinking about Elijah and Orlando. Was he out of his fucking mind? Billy was right here. Here with him. Dom took a slow breath and just let that information filter through his mind, let it slowly warm him.

Smiling against Billy's finger, Dom's tongue darted out and licked lightly at the salty skin, "Playacting? You two were just teasing Orlando?"

Billy smiled and it was the smile Dom thought he had seen before with sparkling eyes and warmth and a depth of lust Dom was certain he couldn't believe existed, "Aye, y'know how he is. Likin' to watch n'all. They asked me last weekend if I'd play along."

Dom shook his head a bit, almost uncertainly "That's all? Nothing more? You weren't supposed to go home with them?"

Shrugging his shoulders a bit, Billy smiled again, "Tha's all. I would not'ave gone home with them." Stepping closer, Billy moved into Dom's personal space until less than a foot separated them, "Had to make believe it was you after I saw you walk out. I didnae know Dom, wasn't meant to hurt you."

"You were pretending it was me?"

"Aye, even though Elijah's arse isn't nearly as nice as yours." Billy grinned and slid his hands up Dom's chest, over his shoulders them and lacing his fingers at the nape of Dom's neck.

Hands nearly shaking, Dom reached out and rested them on Billy's hips, his thumbs locked into the belt loops of the worn, well-fitting jeans. When their lips met for the first time, all doubt was erased, that smile, that warmth was his for the claiming and so he did.

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