AngiePen (angiepen) wrote in slashababy,

Feedback for "In Character"

Thanks so much to whoever wrote this! I have no idea who it was, I've always been awful at guessing this sort of thing -- maybe someone else has an idea? LOL!

I really enjoyed reading this, though. The characterizations were very well done, the way the Rings personas touched the actors' attitudes and behaviors just a bit, just enough, like a gentle slope that subtly encourages you to angle your direction a little toward one side instead of another but doesn't completely warp or block your original path. Especially Andy, hovering outside the central group and watching; and Brad, envying what others have, trying to get it for himself and failing. Even more than the descriptions of what Viggo and Karl and Orlando had done in later years and how they related to each other and the relation to how their characters had interacted, which were well done and believable, the followers and secondary characters watching and wanting -- although again, not too much, nothing ridiculously excessive -- were what really struck me here.

This was a lovely exploration of character and I enjoyed it very much. Thanks again and hugz. :D


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