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For JemJ! It's Dom/David!

Title: None
Author: Chaya, naturally.
Pairing: Dom/David Wenham
Rating: PG-13
Notes: I know almost nothing about DW. Please forgive me. I hope the fic is enjoyable anyways.

The one thing that everyone had in their trailers was scotch tape, paper, and a pen. With everyone's schedules for filming, it was easier to leave notes on someone's trailer door than to actually go looking for them. David noticed that the Hobbits - and probably the Elf as well - seemed to use this as not only a means of communication, but also a way to humiliate each other.

Since the four halflings shared a trailer, it was sure that some, if not most, of the other hobbits would spot the letter before the one it was intended for got the chance to tear it down. (Billy in particular had a gift for imitating handwriting. Elijah got many notes on his door from 'Andy' with horrifyingly descriptive requests about 'his precious'. Elijah eventually got back at Billy with something involving a great deal of paste. David never really found out the details, and was afraid to ask. Sean A got a few love poems from Bill the Pony as well. Everyone was impressed by how many things were rhymed with 'oats'.)

Eventually David decided that this would be a great method to get some points across to one hobbit in particular.


While you are certainly amusing, the Monty Python quotes have to stop. If I hear "I'm not dead yet" one more time while we try to shoot my almost-death scene, I will hunt you down. Don't think I don't know it's you.

All the best,


He left this on the trailer door and forgot about it a while. He didn't expect a note back on his door.


I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Why, I'm not even in that scene! What makes you think that I would be hanging around for something so trivial as a joke?

Love and kisses,


PS: Are the rumours about the sheep really true?

David scowled, muttering something about actors resembling their characters too closely before crumpling the note and slamming the door behind him. He tossed the paper ball into the corner of his room and told himself to forget about it.

He found a new note on his door the next morning when he woke up. It was obviously the same handwriting as before - Dom wanted him to know that it was him.

My Darling David:

Let's do lunch sometime, eh? I'll bring the gasoline drive.

Your da,


Dom got a swift reply this time. David could play this game. Sort of.


While I enjoy working with you, do try to stop looking at my chest every time I'm not wearing armour.



It seemed to work well enough. David heard Sean A making some rather amusing comments about hobbit/human interests the next evening, and he could have sworn he heard Elijah say something about the conveniences in height difference. But Dom simply grinned it off, his eyes gleaming as they always did.

"I think you should call it even now," Billy said conversationally to David the next day, readjusting the helmet that was far too large for him. They were between shoots. "It'd be best."

David blinked. "Even?" he repeated, not knowing what he was talking about at first. "Oh! The notes? With Dominic?"

Billy snickered. "Yeah, the notes," he affirmed, shaking his head. "Seriously. It's tame now. Quit while you're ahead, because Dom.. well, Dom is crazy."

"You think it'll get out of hand," David translated quietly, smirking.

"Basically." Billy snickered. "And he's even crazier around guys like you. He's like a kid, really."

"Guys like me?" Now what was that supposed to mean?

The shorter man grinned. "Ye really can't see it?"

"See what?"

"You know how boys'll pull on girls' pigtails in primary school? And make 'em cry?"


"And you know how it was always cos they liked 'em?"

David's eyes widened. "I see where you're going with this."

"Yep." Billy grinned. "Teasing. It's classic. And before you say it, yeah, I know he teases nearly everyone. It's cos he likes nearly everyone. Aw, don't look like that, you're his favourite."

"I didn't look like anything," David muttered defensively. "You're pulling my leg with all this, Boyd. Don't think I can't see another prank coming up."

"I'm just trying to be helpful," Billy sighed, looking comically forlorn. "You know, help you two get together'n all. But I suppose, if you don't like him back..."

"'Like him back'? Are we all seventeen again?" David threw his arms up in an almost surrendering gesture. He was not having this conversation. And not with Billy. Maybe if he just walked away right now-

"So you do like him, then! I knew it. Dom is rather hot.. okay. I'll tell him you'll pick him up at nine tonight for Thai food?" Billy smiled innocently and jerked a thumb back towards the clump of trailers.

"Wha- NO! I didn't say that, you bastard!" David flailed. Okay, loosing his cool now.

"Italian, then? I thought everyone liked Thai." Billy's eyes were glittering with mischief. David almost wanted to hit him.

"NO! Chinese is the be- you are not asking Dom out for me." David tried for his best resolve face. Billy didn't look impressed.

"So you're gonna ask him out yourself, then?"

David opened his mouth, but didn't say anything. The gears were turning in his head.

Asking Dominic out could be the most embarrassing thing ever. For Dom, if he did it right.

And if this is all real, then he would have dinner with Dom.

Which... wouldn't be so bad, once David started thinking about it.

"Sure." David grinned. "Yeah, I will."

And he was definitely up for some Chinese food.

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