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Wicked - SB/VM - NC17

Title: Wicked
Author: mellyflori
Pairing: Sean Bean/Viggo
Rating: NC-17
Author's Note: This would be my slashababy present for thalassatx who requested Vig/Bean smut. Hope I did ok. :) Gratuitous groping and thanks to slightlytricky and starfishchick and the lovely fiadhaisteach for checking my punctuation and mad skilz of grammer. (yo) Also, to mcee for the inspiration on the one little thing I needed to make it good and smutty. This was fun.. Thalassa, I hope you like it!

It had been Sean’s idea to stop at the pub for a pint at the end of a hard day. He is pleasantly drunk and flirting with the waitress in that crooked-smile way of his. His eyes are shiny with drink and his hands are warm and dry on her arm. She is nearly undone when he calls her “Love” and asks for another pint. When he reaches over the table to grab at the bowl of bar snacks his thighs brush against Viggo and whether it’s the beer or the company or the smoke hardly matters as the world goes out of focus and then snaps back again. The pop as it comes back into focus echoes in Viggo’s head as he’s watching Sean’s mouth move and hearing none of the words.

“I’m sorry, what?” Viggo’s world has settled now but there’s something ever so slightly off about it.

“Can you take me?”

Viggo swallows. “Take you?”

Sean’s face is pleasantly confused. “Home. Can you take me home? Are you in there, mate? I said I shouldn’t have ordered that next pint but I can’t resist the arse on that waitress and Peter’ll kill me if I wrap myself around a tree and manage to kill Boromir before he does.”

Viggo smiles and nods; sure, he can take Sean home. He’s done it dozens of times. Viggo is reassured. The world hasn’t changed that much if Sean still needs a ride home from the pub. Viggo tries not to think about how he’ll watch Sean slide onto the seat. He tries not to think about Sean’s jeans pulling tight over his thighs.

Finding men attractive is nothing new. Even finding Sean attractive is nothing new. He’s been with men before and knows that the warmth of their lips is different than a woman. He knows how a hard body will feel under his own and that the morning-after rituals are all different and all the same. He knows all this for sure. Even so he is startled by the knowledge of just how Sean’s forearm would feel under his hand and the desire to taste the beer on Sean’s tongue. Sean spends the ride chatting aimlessly about filming and makeup chairs and his concerns about making Boromir’s death something real. Viggo has tuned out and is watching Sean’s hands make circles in the air as he talks. Sean has incredible hands, rough and perfectly masculine. Viggo tries not to wonder how they’d feel holding his face. He fails, utterly.

“Come in,” says Sean when they reach his door. “We’ve both got the same call time tomorrow and it’s nearly three. Come in. Take the couch. I’ll make sure we both get to the set on time. You’ve been spacing out on the drive and I worry.” In the end it is Sean’s crooked smile that disarms him, the same way it did the bar waitress and Viggo finds himself being shown to a couch and thrown a spare blanket. Sean goes about his bedtime preparations and Viggo finds himself a glass and some water and tries to clear his head.

When Sean saunters into the kitchen in a pair of boxer shorts with his toothbrush hanging from his mouth Viggo chokes on his water in a fashion that would be comical, were it not so very serious. Sean thumps his back and his hand lingers on Viggo’s shoulder. “You all right?” comes his rumbling voice but Viggo is focusing on how Sean’s hand feels just like he imagined it would. Rough and dry and solid as it tightens and releases on him.

So concerned is he on maintaining, not giving away how good that hand feels on him, that Viggo misses the fact that Sean is coming closer. Sean’s face is not a breath away now and his eyes have gone glassy and bright. Viggo may be the King of Gondor, but he is only human. He darts his face forward and touches his lips to Sean’s. Light and fierce he presses their mouths together and then pulls back again almost as fast.

“Bean, I’m so sorry. I must have had more to drink that I thought. I’m sorry, man. I don’t know what came over me..” His apology is lost to Sean’s mouth as their lips come together again and Sean’s tongue slides against his own. His fingers clutch tighter around the water glass as Viggo feels himself being well and truly kissed. He can smell Sean’s skin and feel his beard scratchy and rough against his cheeks. He can feel the erection he’s been fighting all night making his jeans tight across his hips. He can feel the world go out of focus again.

It pops back into place as Sean pulls his head back and Viggo knows what’s off about it. It’s Sean. It’s the images of Sean in bed. It’s the need to hear Sean’s voice wanting him. Viggo blinks and looks into his eyes.

“You’re not drunk, are you?”


“This isn’t the first time you’ve done this, is it?”

“Oh no.” And that sweet mouth that tastes of beer and toothpaste is on him again. When Viggo pulls back he looks straight into Sean’s bright sober eyes.

“You set this up.” It is not a question.

Sean’s answer is husky and deep in his throat. “Oh, aye.”

Viggo would tell Sean how wicked this is. How Sean should just have asked. But his mouth is busy. His mouth is kissing Sean like they’ve got all night. And they have, because that’s how Sean planned it. And the planning makes it better. The planning makes it sweet, delicious, and very, very Sean.

The water glass finds its way to the counter and Viggo’s hands find their way to Sean’s face. They are kissing now with no secrets. There is a freedom to wanting each other in the open like this. Sean hooks his fingers into Viggo’s belt loops and tugs him to the bedroom. “Yer comin’ with me.”

The tumble to the bed is so very textbook Viggo almost laughs aloud. He loves the feel of Sean’s body next to his. He loves the feel of Sean’s needy hands pulling at his jeans, tugging at his shirt, grasping at his body while their mouths still kiss. He loves how they finally lay naked side by side and there is time for touching.

Sean’s body doesn’t feel like anyone else’s. There have been other men, stronger men, men with better bodies, but this is Sean. Viggo can feel the cuts and feel Sean flinch at the bruises and remember the origin of every one.

Viggo finds himself on his back, not a customary position for him, and he is momentarily startled. Sean rises above him, looking down at his mouth, and kisses him. Viggo’s hands find Sean’s back and pull him down and Sean’s hands find Viggo’s sides and stroke him, calming. The first time Sean’s hand finds Viggo’s ass and squeezes, Viggo groans against Sean’s lips.

Sean’s fingers stroke over Viggo’s ass. They stroke against the cheeks, against the cleft and against the tender opening. Viggo only moans and arches up against Sean until their chests are pressed together. Sean’s voice is taunting. “This isn’t the first time you’ve done this either. This knows how it likes to be touched. It knows how it likes to be stroked and touched and entered, doesn’t it?” Viggo’s smile is answer enough.

Sean pulls away and moves down between Viggo’s legs, pulling Viggo’s knees up and open. Viggo feels himself exposed to Sean’s eyes, naked and open. He knows he should feel embarrassed but this is Viggo and what he feels instead is a wanton freedom. He wants Sean to see him, to touch him. Sean’s fingers find his opening again, stroking it, pressing against it. Sean waits to hear Viggo sigh, waits to see him move and press against Sean’s fingers. He is not disappointed.

When Sean lowers himself until he is facing Viggo’s cock Viggo is ready to beg for his mouth. No begging is necessary and Sean’s lips slip down over Viggo’s cock head in a slow tease. Sean’s tongue is circling the head, licking, tasting Viggo’s need. When Sean pulls his mouth free Viggo waits to feel that tongue again, against his cock, on his balls, teasing an inner thigh. He does not expect to feel Sean’s wicked tongue pressed against his tight hole and he gasps.

He can feel the vibration of Sean’s laughter as his lips press where his tongue has been. His mouth opens and the tongue is back, lapping, licking, stroking while the mouth sucks lightly. Sean points it and presses it against the center of Viggo’s starburst and waits for the next gasp. He does not wait long. Sean knows, somehow, that he is the first to do this for Viggo. He knows that he needs to make this memorable. He thinks it will not be difficult. He is correct on both counts.

When Viggo begins to squirm under Sean’s tongue Sean brings his left arm up to encircle Viggo’s hips and hold him down. His right hand comes up to hold Viggo’s cock. At first the hand is still, just holding, just providing another sensation as his tongue licks and squirms against Viggo’s hole. After long moments Viggo’s hips begin to pump and his cock slides through Sean’s hand. Sean begins to stroke into Viggo’s movements and begins a steady stroking of his tongue. The two predictable rhythms are working together now and Viggo’s moans do not stop. His fingers are digging into the bedding, his back arching, and when his cock twitches in Sean’s hand and he begins to come neither of them is unprepared. Sean wraps his lips around Viggo’s cock and drinks it down, licking and tonguing at Viggo’s cockhead until the spasms cease.

Sean crawls back up the length of Viggo’s body until they are pressed together from shoulder to foot. Viggo’s breathing is returning to normal and his hands are idly stroking Sean’s back. His legs are still spread, though, and Sean is not surprised to hear Viggo’s voice against his ear. “Want you.”


“Inside me.”

“Viggo Mortenson, wanton boy.”

“Sean…” comes the warning tone.

Sean pulls a tube of lubricant and a condom from the bedside drawer. He slicks the lube over two fingers and presses first one, then both, against Viggo’s still wet hole. Viggo’s back arches and he moans again as Sean slides the fingers in. He takes it slow and eventually Viggo is grasping at the sheets again and staring at Sean with crazed and glassy eyes. “Want you.”

Sean rolls the condom down over his own cock and slicks it too with the lubricant. He moves until he is between Viggo’s legs again and loves that he’ll be able to take Viggo like this. Sean wants to see Viggo’s eyes as he enters. He wants to see Viggo’s mouth as he sighs. He is not disappointed.

Viggo is so very tight around his cock and Sean takes it very slowly. After long moments of easy preparation Viggo is clutching at Sean’s thighs, pulling him closer. Sean sinks deep inside Viggo’s ass and feels Viggo’s fingers dig into his back. This is what they’ve been building to. This is what it’s all been about. Sean’s cock slides nearly all the way out then slowly sinks deep inside again.

For long moments there is no sound in the room save for the deep and husky breathing of the two men and the steady whop-whop of the ceiling fan. Sean’s shoulders shine with sweat and his eyes have not left Viggo’s since the moment he entered him. Then there is a new sound that of skin coming together as Sean’s pace quickens. Viggo’s eyes fall closed and his breathing grows faster. This, now, this is the fucking they’ve both needed so much.

Sean feels the orgasm only moments before it overcomes him. He revels in the delicious building and then the final release. He lets out a wordless cry, deep and lusty, and collapses onto Viggo’s shoulder. Viggo holds him tight and pumps his hips, finding release in the friction of his cock against Sean’s belly.

When the moment of release passes Viggo’s hands begin to stroke against Sean’s back and Sean begins to chuckle into Viggo’s shoulder. Sean knows that he could have simply asked Viggo to come home with him. Viggo knows that he could have simply told Sean he was up for a tumble. They both know that this is simply how it needed to happen. In the end they would be like this, sweaty and sticky and in need of a good cleaning up, but there was no other way to get here.

Viggo wonders how long he can lay like this, holding Sean, feeling him laugh, before things will begin to itch.


Standing on the set the next morning Viggo is aware of two things. First is the ache between his legs. It’s not a bad ache; it’s almost pleasant. And certainly the memories of its getting are making him glad for the cover of his Ranger’s coat. Second, Sean is being wicked again.

He is standing not ten feet away and making sly eye contact. His eyes will slide to the side and catch Viggo’s. When he is sure of eye contact he will wink, or smirk, or, and this is the worst, he’ll lick his lips. Viggo’s mouth goes dry the first time and three hours into the afternoon he has not recovered.

When Sean looks at him this time he very deliberately parts his lips slightly and licks all the way around them. The flush in Viggo’s cheeks betrays him and he is glad that the rest of them are unaware of how his mind remembers the feeling of that tongue and how it moves on him, in him. He wants to touch Sean. He wants to take Sean in his arms and feel the length of him pressed close. He wants to kiss Sean until that smug smile is wiped from his face. He can feel Sean’s hair under his fingers and almost crosses the room towards him. Sean’s tongue pulls back inside his mouth and he cocks one side of his mouth in a lopsided smirk that fairly drips with smugness.

It is the smirk that finally undoes Viggo’s composure. Reporters talk about his fierce calm but it’s nowhere to be found as he finally makes a move for Sean, needing to touch him, hold him, teach him a lesson. Though he brought it on himself Sean will tell the story for years as though he were an innocent victim. The first time Viggo watches the extended DVD footage and hears Sean say “And then he just rugby-tackled me for some reason, really, like BANG!” he will roll over in the bed and swat Sean’s bare ass and call him wicked.

Sean will only laugh.

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