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Best DomBillLij Holiday Wishes to Megan (Fic: House Hunting)

Title: House Hunting
Pairing: Billy/Dom/Elijah
Rating: R, about
Genre: Smut fluff (whee!)
Disclaimer: I neither own these boys, nor know them. So it's not real, no matter how much I want it to be.
Summary: Dom, Billy and Lij were said to be buying a house in New Zealand…
Author's Note Slashababy fic for Megan--and a Merry Christmas to ye!
Thanks to: carriescurse, for readin this even when stuck with the Keyboard of Doom, and visceralvamp for cookies and betaing, in that order.

“Psst, Dom. Hey, Dom!”

“Mmmph…Lovely, Bill, just lovely, keep it just like-“

“Not now, you wanker! Wake up! Elijah's here!”

That jerked Dom awake. Eyes wide and excited and very much aware that the entire Wellington International Airport could see just how excited the rest of him was, he scanned the sea of crusty, shivery mugs-you knew the American plane came in when over half the passengers were over sixty, and dressed in thick sweaters-for that one fey face. “Er…where exactly is he, Bill? I don't see him.”

Next to him-draped over him, really-Billy rolled his eyes. “Honestly, Dominic, you really must learn to separate dreams and reality. You talked for quite some time in your sleep, you know.” He grinned at the flush rising on Dom's cheeks. “And don't you think I didn't enjoy every minute of it. Now, though, we have to fetch our little protégé. Elijah, hey! Over here!”

Completely oblivious to the cries of recognition and pointing fingers multiplying in the airport crowd, Elijah extracted himself from a stream of bundled and booted passengers, a wavery smile on his lips, a blue blaze in his eyes that was amplified by the matching blue of the paper-thin shirt he wore. Or perhaps, Dom mused, they blazed of their own accord. He was never quite sure with Elijah, which was why he-

“Hey, old man!” Elijah cried, flinging his arms around Billy with careless grace. Dom patiently nudged away the spark of jealousy that anyone else's hands on Billy always prompted. “Good to see you again! We missed you in New York!”

“Och, you think I would've come all the way to freezin' New York City to see the likes of you two?” Billy laughed, all but thrusting Elijah and Dom together. “You two catch up,” he advised, voice light and playful but eyes full of meaning over Elijah's head, “and I'll fetch the luggage. Try to keep ol' Dommie in the present, Elijah-he's been a wee bit off the deep end lately.”

“Oh really?” Elijah purred, startling Dom out of all traces of torpor. Where was the shy, enchanted boy with the eyes wise beyond his years? “And just what might the deep end entail?” Where the hell did this coy kitten come from?

“It, ah, you know,” Dom muttered into Lij's ear, covering his shock with an easy grin and a bear-hug. “Wet dreams, sleepless nights, you get the idea.”

Elijah's answering smirk slammed Dom's cock hard against the seam of his jeans, and his eyes implored the returning Billy for deliverance.

“Elijah, what the bleeding hell have you got in here? Bricks?” Billy cried, with what Dom could've been sure was a triumphant grin shot in his direction. “We're trying to buy a house, not build one. No, no, I can carry it-I've been keeping to the weights, unlike some fellows I know,” and his free hand touched Dom's abdomen in what looked like a playful pinch, but felt more like…something he definitely needed to keep in the repertoire. “Come on, Dom, keep up-or have we drifted off the deep end again?”

There were those words, and Elijah's little smile sent Dom aching anew. Oh, the taxi ride was going to be hell.

It came back to Dom as the three of them navigated the crowded airport hallways glistening with sweat and staring eyes of fans. The way things used to be. The three of them and more, laughing, ribbing, always together, in spirit if not in locale-though often both. So many memories-hauling Orlando down the stairs and tickling the life out of him, welcoming the crack of dawn in a makeup trailer shaking with music, clinking pints in a stuffy bar…so light, so free they used to be! All friends, too-in love with each other, true, but friends nonetheless.

Dom never would have touched any of them the way he longed to-at least not when he was sober. Until Billy. That, in essence, was what signaled the breaking of the Fellowship for him-the transcendence of the bonds of friendship; the taking of that step all of them longed to take but dared not: due to fear of their would-be lovers, or themselves, or both. Perhaps they were jealous of him and Bill-who knew?-but, that day Elijah found them closeted away in a thicket on the mountaintop, snogging like there was no tomorrow-well, that had changed things. Dom and Billy both had treated Lij carefully after that, uncertain of his take on the situation and unwilling to risk their now-tenuous friendship.

It hurt. But not as much as losing Billy would have.

“Off in our own little world, again, are we?”

Dom blinked and came to his senses in time to narrowly avoid a collision with an art deco pillar. “Sorry,” he muttered.

Next to him, Elijah smiled and took his arm, seemingly oblivious to Dom's little hop of alarm. “Have you been getting enough sleep, Dom? You look like Frodo after Weathertop.”

“I beg your pardon,” Dom snorted, frantically struggling to gauge the temperature here-How did the boy manage to slip from sex kitten to solicitous caretaker? How was he supposed to last the day without a decent shag? Was that laughing coming from Billy, their brave navigator?-and adopted an air of mock hauteur. “My dear Elijah, you forget that you were the one sleeping all the time. I took it upon myself to look out for your better welfare-Billy and I both did-and this assault on my personal appearance is hardly a just reward for our generous efforts on your behalf…”

Elijah laughed. “My better welfare, right. Like Tig?”

“Exactly like Tig!” Dom cried, relief at being able to pluck a bit of meaningless fun from the past flooding his face.

“Oh yes, we still play that, Dom and me,” Billy added over his shoulder with a foxy grin. “Same rules and everything.”

Fuck, thought Dom.

At last they burst free of the warren of an airport, striding boldly across sun-splashed pavement to the herd of taxis clustered by the curb. Again Billy took the initiative to hail one and handle the luggage, leaving Dom stranded with New Elijah and one very tight pair of jeans.

“So,” Dom offered, cursing himself for his ineptitude. Bugger this, he thought. Billy, you'd better have a damn good reason for abandoning me.

“How long are you able to stay here?” Elijah asked in some shady mix between the sex-kitten purr and the caretaker's croon. By the nod of his head Dom gathered he meant the both of them, DomnBilly, BillynDom, their four-handed two-cocked Hobbit Shagging Machine.

I'm going to die, Dom thought, hands twitching toward his jeans.

“We, ah, er…a while,” he murmured faintly. Focus, focus. “Billy's got some time off before he hits the theater again, and I'm not doing anything, and we were thinking maybe we'd work on our screenplay...”

“Ah.” Great blue eyes looming so close, and those fey lips quirking into a smile that was more than a little seductive…Christ, what was this kid playing at? “And how is that coming along?”

Coming! “Lovely…just…lovely...Billy, how nice of you to join us!” Dom squeaked, shooting him a glare worthy of Pete Jackson at his worst.

Billy took it with an infernally good-natured grin. “I know you just can't get enough of me, the both of you, so I thought we'd all get proper cozy in the backseat, eh?” He winked, and in his present condition Dom didn't have the wits to tell to whom the wink went, him or Lij. “That is, unless you have any objections…?”

“Not at all,” Elijah provided placidly, and it was decided.

Dom got the middle.

“So I was saying to Dom before you flew in, Elijah,” Billy chortled merrily across Dom, leaning in-tantalizingly so-“I was saying that it would best, you know, if we had a sort of seaside view. What with the surfing and everything.”

Elijah nodded sagely, leaning in like Billy. Dom squirmed deliciously, hemmed in by a wall of flesh on either side-how could either of them possibly miss his excitement? And what the hell would the cabbie be thinking up front right about now?

“On the other hand, there is something to be said for out-of-the-way places, quiet, locked away from the rest of the world, where you can be alone…don't you think so, Dom?” Billy punctuated his sentence by a casual drop of the hand onto Dom's thigh, causing the latter to jump in his seat. “Dom?”

Dom only whimpered.

“Come on, now, Dom, you have to participate too,” Elijah insisted, voice soft in the enclosed space. “After all, this won't come off properly unless we all do our part…” His hand came to rest on Dom's other thigh.

Dom yelped with the effort of restraining himself. Come off... “What have I done to you?” he mewled. “What have I done to deserve this? Why-“

“Only been the best mate a lad could hope for.” Billy's voice, tasting of salt and summer sea, hot in his ear. Billy's tongue, following suit. “Honestly, Dom, you make it so difficult to praise you, sometimes I have to resort to drastic measures.”

“Drastic…?” Dom trailed off, Billy's tongue in his ear, slipping down, tracing the line of his chin, distracting him.

Lij grinned from the left. “Drastic measures,” the boy repeated, nodding so stoutly that, had he not been in the throes of Billy's affections, Dom would have laughed outright. As it was he barely managed a faint chuckle.

Beyond the window the city began to grow thin, giving way to searing shades of green and blue that remained unparalleled in either of their home countries. The road they were on began to wind, slowly at first, then more tightly, through a verdant forest fraught with birdcalls and thick foliage that pressed up against the windows.

Dom made an effort at frowning. “Are you sure you know where we're-“

“Shh,” Billy soothed into his mouth, lips pausing over Dom's as if evaluating the territory-brushing together once, twice, then, to Dom's utter despair, pulling away. “We don't want to spoil you.”

“We?” Dom jerked his head sideways to where Elijah sat with a tiny smile, working diligently at Dom's belt buckle. “But-Elijah-he-you-“

“I told you he'd changed, didn't I, Dom?” Billy purred, sitting back so he could see Dom's face at its most confused. “Poor Dommie.” His hand reached up to cup the curve of Dom's cheek, thumb brushing across the arc of Dom's cheekbone. “Behind in the times as ever, old goat.”

“Old goat!” Dom spluttered. “Why, you're already five years older than mmmmrkk!” His words wilted into a squeak as Elijah's slim hands finally found their way past the conundrum of Dom's belt buckle, into his jeans and the aching flesh beneath. “Bill!” Dom hissed, desperate now, and it was more than Billy could bear.

Their teeth clacked as their lips slammed together, and Billy's hands weren't idle. As they joined Elijah's, a distant, doubting part of Dom's mind wondered if there would be enough room for the crowd. Suddenly it seemed unbearably hot in the cramped cab. He dared not move, for fear of shaking hands or lips or both from his person, but he had to take something off or he'd die-

“You won't be needing this, I suppose,” Elijah snickered, whipping Dom's shirt over his head in one deft movement that made the brief absence of Billy's lips seem like a dream only. Elijah's hands now shifted to Dom's chest-soft, pliant, caressing.

Dom writhed.

“Easy, Elijah,” Billy laughed. “You don't want to kill him before we get there.”

“No, no, you do want to kill me, you definitely want to-“ Dom protested, but fell into shuddering silence with another of Billy's slick questing kisses.

“I think not,” Billy amended, once he seemed sure that Dom would stay quiet. “In fact I think it's time we explained something, just to keep you from going off and getting the wrong idea.” Wrong idea? What could possibly be wrong about all these hands and tongues and cocks roiled together in the back of a sweaty cab?

“I'm afraid I haven't been quite truthful with you, Dom,” Billy sighed, and for the first time that day a jolt of terror shot through Dom like a blade. No. No. Billy couldn't mean-he didn't-he didn't regret their time together, did he? Was all this some sort of elaborate farewell? Was Elijah booting him out of the picture? Oh Billy, no, please no-“There, see? I knew you'd assume the worst. Relax, Dom,” Billy smiled, though he seemed far from relaxed himself. Pearls of sweat glistened on his forehead, threatening to rain down into his strangely fearful-was that fear?-eyes. “There's something I've been meaning to tell you, Dom, and I can't apologize enough for not breaking it to you sooner. Please-please forgive me.”

Terror crushed Dom's innards in a viselike grip, and he opened his mouth to say something, anything; anything to delay the inevitable. But he never got to say it.

“Dom, I just…I love ya.”

Dom cracked an eye open, telling himself he was delusional. He saw Elijah, yes, vaguely attentive on the other side of the car, but all his eyes were for Billy, perched with such grace despite the cramped quarters, smiling. Hesitantly-almost as though he were a puppy expecting a kick.

A sharp pain in his ribs from Elijah. “Dom, you idiot, he's telling the truth.”

Dom whipped his head around and met truth in the blazing blue eyes. Truth, and a kind of pride, an “I told you so” that had never taken place, yet spurred Dom's hopes to levels he dared not acknowledge. He and Billy had been screwing, yes, for some time now, and of course they were the best of friends. Dom loved him. But he never said as much, too afraid to risk what they already had.

He looked at Billy, and Billy nodded. That same small smile on his face.

A dip in the road-just how much was the cabbie observing up there?-threw the back seat into at turmoil; brought Dom crashing against Billy's chest, arms flung wide. He took advantage of the close proximity to wrap his arms around and down, kissing Billy so hard his head thumped against the windowpane. “ 'M sorry-“

“Don't mention it,” Billy replied, hoarse and ragged and hard against Dom. Pulling him closer.

A slip, a slide, pale slim hands sliding along Dom's naked sides: behind him, Elijah was going to work. Even as he hardened his eyes formed a question which Billy answered, so warm, so close.

“I meant it, Dom, about drastic measures. He really has changed, you see. When I told him about you-how I-you know…” He paused as Dom nipped a kiss from him. “He told me I should, you know, say something. But we're such good friends an' all, I didnae want to risk-“

“I love that accent,” Dom purred.

“Will yeh let me finish when I'm trying to say something!” Billy grumbled good-naturedly, tempering the words with a descending stroke from Dom's neck to his chest to his abdomen; deeper still. “I wanted to tell you. Since filming, even. But I didn't. And that time when Elijah found us…you tell him.”

Elijah's voice, light and smooth like his hands. “You guys thought I was shocked, I guess, or sick or something. But, ah…it was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen.” The hands grew softer in their stroking. “Which is why…”

“Which is why he's here,” Billy finished, and continued in a hurried whisper. “He's not taking anything away from us, Dom. Don't ever think that.” How could Dom possibly think that, with those cool hands heating his skin? “But buying a house is a big commitment, and what with our funds right now, and the time, and-“

“And him giving you the courage to say something!” Dom gasped, thrusting forward against Billy. “For the love of god, Bill, turn around!”

And of course he did. Outside the land mounted, outrageous red blooms clinging to the cusps of precipitous falls-and Billy saw it all, the sun bathing his face and Dom's pressed against into the curve of his neck, issuing a wordless murmur of heat. Dom rocked him; rocked him like a baby and was rocked himself, for Elijah sat crouched against him, draped across his back like the delicate garment Elijah had so recently tossed aside. Back and forth, to the rhythm of the car, the rhythm of the land, the rhythm of their lives. Everything slow, slick, savory like the glistening sap that dripped from the trees outside. Everything bathed golden in the light, even pale 'Lijah with his skyscape eyes with their knowledge of his own transience.

When they came, they came as one.

* * * *

Gold coalesced to amber now. A pile of warm bodies dozing in the dying light. Respectful fingers knocked at the window-once, twice, and Dom's eyes fluttered open. “Bill…'Lijah…” he whispered, loath to shift their warmth from his skin. “We're here.”

They woke far too quickly; donned clothes where Dom would have preferred their free bodies, with all their pale patches and imperfections, out in the sultry light where he could love them for every pore. But they remained together, at least, moving as a unit out of the cab and along a wooded path, never losing contact of one body part or another. Never alone, either of them.

“Wonder what that cabbie thought,” Dom giggled, glancing from left to right; receiving a reply from neither quarter. “Hey. You had all this planned, didn't you, Bill?”

Billy said nothing, but a huge grin lit his face.

Hips bumping, the three of them rounded a bend in the path and then staggered to a halt. Above, below, and out as far as the eye could see-blue, stolen blue, taken from the birth of water and the beginning of time. Taken from Elijah's eyes.

The land fell away in a series of vaulting cliffs the color of callused hands. Straggling palms tufted their way down them like forgotten jewels. Above the drop; before the expanse of sea and sky and life, a house clung to the land and yet was part of it, a careful arrangement of cream and glass, designed to let in as much sunlight as possible. As if on cue a wind rose, soft and warm as the oncoming night, smelling of sand and surf and life anew.

“Well,” Dom said when he'd recovered his breath, gathering his mates in on either side of him, “we're back.”

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