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For those who were commenting about not receiving stories...

It was suggested I post this as a separate post, and I was sort of afraid to do it since this isn't a "sanctioned" Slasha thing, but I figure if the mod does get mad about this, she'll delete the post and be done with me.

I've created a community called slasha_elves where those of you who have yet to see a fic can hopefully find someone to write your fic for you, and for those of us who would like to write a fic, we can find someone to inspire us. This isn't meant to replace whatever the mods of the challenge will do. And I also am pretty sure at least some people don't know of the existence of this community, so they could have written a story and it's just been mailed in rather than posted. So again, anything done over in slasha_elves is just a fun, "in the meantime" activity.

So if you're missing your Slasha story, or would like to write one, head on over to slasha_elves. Right now we're just figuring out how we want to do things, so chime in your ideas (or if you think it's a bad idea) and hopefully we'll get the ball rolling soon.

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