October 7th, 2012


Slasha, Baby 2012 Begins! (signups close on the 24th, midnight PDT)

Sign-ups for 2012 slashababy, the LotR RPS story exchange, are now open! A chance to give and get a gift, and share with the whole fandom!

The rules are the same as previous years -- all participants get an assignment to write for another participant, matched so that everyone has pairings and themes that appeal to them. Each story should be at least 1,000 words, though there is no maximum: some people have written epics (good ones!), others have done fabulous drabble series.

NEW this year: requests for fic with The Hobbit trilogy actors and actresses (and crew) are welcome!

Check out previous years' stories at slashababy and sign up today!

  • Sign-ups start today and end on October 24
  • Assignments will be sent out by October 29
  • The deadline for submissions is December 26
  • Stories will be posted on December 31
  • Authors will be revealed on January 5

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If you have any questions, please ask here or send us an email at secret.slasha at gmail.com

-- your mod msilverstar and assistant elmathelas

Please share this call for entries to all LotRiPS folks!