January 7th, 2012


Lotrips Slasha, Baby holiday fic exchange - authors revealed!

Thanks to all the authors who wrote great fics for this festival!

Note: I'm sure I have a few typos and mistakes: please let me know if you see them and I'll fix them right away.

escribodizzydameA Numbers GameBilly/Dom
dizzydame aka lavitanuovacarribbeAll That MattersBilly/Dom
frisbygitstonedmeAll the Ones I Used to KnowElijah/Marton Csokas
foxraferelmathelasBelieve, Be Bold, BeginBilly/Viggo
elmathelaskissing_athelasCaptivated All The WhileDom/Viggo potential
Galadriel (caras_galadhon)
foxraferDo You RememberViggo/Bean (Viggo/Billy)
thepsychicclamtweedle_Extraordinary Merry ChristmasOrlando/Elijah
angiepenafra_schatzIn a Perfect World part 1, part 2Eric Bana/Viggo
itstonedmeescriboThe Pirate and the OysterOrlando/Ian McKellan/Elijah (Dom implied)
savageseraphangiepenProving a PointViggo/Sean Bean, Harry/Karl
shegollumcaras_galadhonPuzzle PiecesViggo/Sean Bean
moitsavageseraphQuid Pro QuoViggo/Sean Bean
carribbeshegollumSharing The BurdenSean Bean/Viggo
idri_ficmoitUtter SubmissionUltimately Orlando/Viggo with Sean/Viggo, Orlando/Elijah, Orlando/Sean along the way
tweedle_frisbygThe Way to a Man's HeartOrlando Bloom, Ian McKellen, Viggo Mortensen, Karl Urban, Elijah Wood, Sean Bean.