December 24th, 2006

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Slasha, baby: Presents are up!

The Slashababy 2006 Fic presents are up! Now is your chance to oooo and aaaaah over the great stories! Please give feedback to the wonderful fantastic authors in this comm!

We'd like to thank our back up writers: kiltsandlollies, kyuuketsukirui and mirabile_dictu for stepping in and filling in the cracks. Thank you.

Both mods will be gone from later today through 26th December, so if you find any errors or if there are any changes you want us to make, please send us an email at or leave a comment in this post, and we will get back to it when we return.

Happy holidays!

msilverstar & yueni
AdultObie Raven

Feedback for "In Character"

Thanks so much to whoever wrote this! I have no idea who it was, I've always been awful at guessing this sort of thing -- maybe someone else has an idea? LOL!

I really enjoyed reading this, though. The characterizations were very well done, the way the Rings personas touched the actors' attitudes and behaviors just a bit, just enough, like a gentle slope that subtly encourages you to angle your direction a little toward one side instead of another but doesn't completely warp or block your original path. Especially Andy, hovering outside the central group and watching; and Brad, envying what others have, trying to get it for himself and failing. Even more than the descriptions of what Viggo and Karl and Orlando had done in later years and how they related to each other and the relation to how their characters had interacted, which were well done and believable, the followers and secondary characters watching and wanting -- although again, not too much, nothing ridiculously excessive -- were what really struck me here.

This was a lovely exploration of character and I enjoyed it very much. Thanks again and hugz. :D

slashfairy: Renaissance


This... you...
I needed to see this through someone else's eyes. I can't thank you enough...

Orlando stopped trying to control anything, there was no point when the three of them were together. It wasn't about equal time, or not leaving anyone out, and he had to trust that, and them. It was about giving as much of himself as he could, letting himself feel as much as was humanly possible, soaking up the feel and taste and sound of them both, so there was no room for loneliness anymore.

And that they move to NZ for Karl? thank you so much. That means more than you know.

And Henry. Yes, that's the Henry I know.
Kris. Kringle? Nice touch.

And then there's the writing, the movement, little touches like Viggo's cooking, and Karl's sarongs... I'm not even going to try to guess, because I want the surprise to be as much fun when I find out who you are, my lovely slashababy angel-writer, as opening this lovely, lovely present was.

Thank you again. Blessings on your head.

Third, or tenth, reread: The email, which Henry had printed out for reference, turned out to translate to the top layer of mess on the worktable, so Henry settled for scooping everything on the table into the box. Journals, printouts, letters, bills, sketches, newspaper cuttings, enough to fill half the box. The space left afterwards, Henry packed with boxes of photos, packs of proofs, bags of negatives and rolls of undeveloped film.

He'd brought tape with him, sure that despite the huge amount of stuff cluttering his father's house, he'd never manage to find any. What Henry wasn't prepared for was the sense of longing and loss he was feeling. This carton of ideas, more than any piece of furniture or suitcase of clothes, meant that just as Henry had left home, Viggo was leaving too.

I keep loving it more and more. wow.


Between You

Thank you so much for this Christmas gift. Between You has so many of the elements I love most. I'm sure I don't know you well, as I don't recognize the writing style at all, but I am thinking you did your research on meCollapse )..

Thank you very much. I hope you have a merry Christmas and I hope you enjoy the slasha gift you will receive. And I hope the author was as spot on with your likes as you were with mine!



To the author of Crush: thank you so much for writing this for me! I love all the various emotional entanglements in this story and how you conveyed them in so few words. And I got my share of Dom/Orli and angsty sex against the wall, and this is always a good thing :D. My favorite moment is when Orlando says "He's straight" and Dom replies to him, because it changes the balance of things, changes my understanding of what's happened between them.

And this part:
"Yeah," was all Orlando said, but there was a kind caring to his tone that cut through Dom.

I feel so much for Orlando here because he is so open (and so easy to like as a character), and for Dom, too, because he can't, doesn't want to, accept what Orlando is offering.

like they were supposed to bond over their fucked up hairdos

Their hair! You hit one of my secret kinks here ;-)

Thank you again and Merry Christmas!
WSF VigBean (by caras_galadhon)

"Bound for the Holidays..."

For the person who wrote "Bound for the Holidays":


*rereads compulsively*

The only thing better than VigBean for the holidays is them and their friends doing horribly kinky things to each other for days and days.

But wait. It's not just the hotness about this fic that is lovely. It's things like Viggo having problems with getting his horse sitter and Viggo fucking with the security people at Heathrow. And it's lines like these, lush and clever, and altogether wonderful:

The silence that came with an empty house settled around his shoulders like an ancient afghan, weighing him down, wiping out all thought past the horrible, tangible quality of emptiness.

Viggo'd have to bend his ear and shake a secret or two out of him before they left; the roasted squab and orange confit drew the sort of noises from Sean that Viggo only ever heard when he flicked his tongue across the head of Sean's erection.

There are too many others to list without just cutting and pasting over the fic. Instead, I'll just refer everyone to the fic instead. It is too wonderful not to be shared.

Thank you to Author of Leavings, Fragments, Balancing!!

A BIG thank you to the lovely author of my slashababy fic, Leavings, Fragments, Balancing. I love the awkwardness of the first encounter, which slowly melts into the loveliness of the lat scene in bed. And I especially love your Viggo, who strikes me as perfectly in character throughout. Your Dom is also a cheeky, delightful man. I wish you wrote fics for me several times a year!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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Feedback for "Stainless Steel Christmas"--

To the lovely person who wrote Stainless Steel Christmas,

The very fact that you wrote VigBeanDuck for me means you have my undying affection. *happysigh* Thank you so, so much!

To adequately illustrate how much I enjoyed this wonderful story, I think you should know Collapse )

This was a wonderful read, with lots and lots of lines that made me chuckle and smile, as well as one hell of a sex scene that will be running through my head for days and days. *meep* And the ending was sweet and lovely.

Collapse )

Thank you so, so, so much! I'll be revisiting this story over and over and over again, I just know it. ♥
frodo - angsty
  • trianne

Thank you

Whoever wrote Pine :) It's very sweet, warm and Christmassy - thank you so much for writing this and I hope you had fun doing it. I can't guess who you are, except to say I'm pretty confident I don't know you. Will look forward to the reveal!
slashfairy: Renaissance

Feedback for "When I ask the next time"

Dom blinks again and spills a secret he can't hold anymore, spills it like a forgotten beer across the table and doesn't stop until Billy shows up beside them, his eyes reading everything between Dominic's and Elijah's.

Caught my eye, and never let go. I can see it, smell the secret like the beer spilled on the table, that warm grainy scent that tells everything about the summer's harvest that's now hidden in the beer's fermentation, just like everything from the time before has spilled out before Elijah now, and Billy can smell it, in what hangs in the air between them.

Lucky person who got this written for them.
slashfairy: Renaissance

Feedback for "All Our Suns the Same"

Dominic flirts with anything that moves, Viggo knows, but only for Billy does Dominic stop moving himself.

Viggo will be alright, too, but less so; there's rarely benefit to being party to a catharsis when it's not your own.

As if the story itself weren't just lovely, those two moments... so honest. Simple, honest. Lovely. Wee-woven tale.
Personal - bdsmpi

(no subject)

To the writer of my slashababy fic: Thank you! I started grinning at the story description, and I don't think I stopped throughout. I have no idea who wrote this, but it was definitely someone with a fabulous imagination! :-) Over-the-top crack always hits the spot, so thanks again!
SPN - Keep calm and call the Winchesters

'In the Closet'

I would like to thank the one who wrote the lovely little fic In the Closet! You gave me exactly what I like!

"This is a fucking stupid idea, Vig." No Sean, I disagree completely. :) I loved the idea, I am even a sucker for it!

Thank you from the bottom of my perverted little heart! ♥ And have a wonderful Christmas!

Watching, Wishing, Wondering, for almaviva

For: almaviva
Title: Watching, Wishing, Wondering
Author: sassywitch
Pairing: Billy/Dom, Elijah/Dom, Dom/Orlando, Dom/Ian
Rating: PG
Summary: almaviva said I like a happy ending and don't require full blown porn to be happy. Love AU's but New Zealand time makes me happy too. I really dislike girlfriends/wives/significant others being mentioned (shocking, I know) as I'm really just about the boys. Hopefully this is it.
Notes: his is a story I've had kicking around in my mind for a while now. I've never written in first person before but it wouldn't work any other way.

Watching, Wishing, Wondering


I Remember December, for buckle_berry

For: buckle_berry
Title: I Remember December
Author: v_angelique
Pairing: Dom/Elijah
Rating: R
Summary: A bit of historical AU drivel, wherein we ignore the fact that Dom and Elijah are clearly not Russian and move on with the slightly angsty p0rn.
Notes: I technically started writing this before the challenge but it took on a life of its own and suddenly became quite Christmasy. Hope you enjoy!

I Remember December


Stainless Steel Christmas, for caras_galadhon

For: caras_galadhon
Title: Stainless Steel Christmas
Author: f_lexi_ble
Pairing: Viggo/Sean B/Richard Taylor (Head of Weta Workshops)
Rating: NC17 mild BDSM.
Summary: Viggo needs some lessons and Sean is more than happy to teach him.
Notes: The requestee wanted Vigbean and another from a list very nice characters and I picked Richard Taylor. Set during the filming of LotR and probably the time line is not quite correct but hey its fiction.

Stainless Steel Christmas

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You May Already Have Won the Chirstmas Love Sweepstakes, for hobbitgwen

For: theboysgonehome
Title: You May Already Have Won the Chirstmas Love Sweepstakes
Author: saklani2
Pairing: Dom/Billy
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Christmas time is here, by golly, and true love does not make Dominic jolly. Or does it?
Notes: Well, this is not quite what I intially envisioned, but I kinda like it anyway. I hope you all do, too. Happy Holidays, all!

You May Already Have Won the Chirstmas Love Sweepstakes


Up and Down the Roads Going, for kiltsandlollies

For: kiltsandlollies
Title: Up and Down the Roads Going
Author: apple_pi
Pairing: Dom/Billy
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Everything feels like it's wrapped in clingfilm: one millimeter too far away, just a little too shiny, a touch too plastic.
Notes: Set just after filming, summer in the UK. Title from Walt Whitman, We Two Boys Together Clinging, in Leaves of Grass.

Up and Down the Roads Going


Ten Last Night, for koulagirl666

For: koulagirl666
Title: Ten Last Night
Author: marius2045
Pairing: Orlando/Viggo
Rating: NC 17
Summary: Inspired by Viggo's poem: 'Ten Last Night'. Orlando finds no meaning in life anymore until faith comes with shining blue eyes to rescue him.
Warnings: AU, angst, violence
Notes: The title is not mine but the rest is. Thank you slashababy for making me finish this! I thought I never would.

Ten Last Night


Anyone Who'll Lie Down, for ladysunrope

For: ladysunrope
Title: Anyone Who'll Lie Down
Author: tarteaucitron
Pairing: Dom/Elijah, Dom/Viggo
Rating: R
Summary: Set during "that year" after Dom moved to LA. He takes what he can get.
Notes: The requester asked for plot, something I've always struggled to shoehorn into lotrips, I feel I may have failed on that count. I really hope this is not too much of a disappointment.

Anyone Who'll Lie Down


In The Closet, for marius2045

For: marius2045
Title: In The Closet
Author: savageseraph
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Viggo and Sean attend a gallery open house and find themselves creating their own brand of art.
Notes: Written for SlashaBaby 2006 for marius2045, who asked for the following: "I love smut, smutty smut but my strength is angst. Seriously angsty stuff with lots of emotions." This may be more smut than angst, but I've tried to squeeze in a little bit of each. Enjoy!

In The Closet

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Awakened, for nessa_t

For: nessa_t
Title: Awakened
Author: littlemimm
Pairing: Orlando/Sean
Rating: R
Summary: One version of the infamous rain-and-landslide incident in November 1999.
Notes: This is pretty much an old-school fic, taking place during the filming. There's just something charming about those good old days. The whole cottage thing is taken partly from reality and partly from my imagination, so any inaccuracies concerning canon are more than possible.



Leavings, Fragments, Balancing, for saklani2

For: saklani2
Title: Leavings, Fragments, Balancing
Author: feelforfaith
Pairing: Viggo/Dom
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Viggo doesn't know if it's good or bad, doesn't know if it means he will want Dom less, or whether he will want him more. Tomorrow. When they go back to how they were before. Friends. Mates, as Dom says.
Notes: Merry Christmas, saklani2. Title taken from Viggo's poem "Home."

Leavings, Fragments, Balancing

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Mort, for sanzorama

For: sanzorama
Title: Mort
Author: uraneia
Pairing: Orlando/Elijah
Rating: NC-17
Summary: "It's a Wonderful Life" meets "Boys Gone Wild" meets "Donnie Darko"? An exercise in the Christmas Gothic. [AU]
For: sanzorama, who requested: in order of preference orlijah, vigorli, domlijah, orlibean or vigbean. AU RPS angsty with a happy ending, also smut and playful bondage or other light kink fills me with the true spirit of Xmas.
Notes: This is my first Orlijah so I hope I didn't screw it up too bad!


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Dear Boys, for tarteaucitron

For: tarteaucitron
Title: Dear Boys
Author: valerienne
Pairing: Ian McKellan/everyone :)
Rating: PG
Summary:Tarte asked for 'ian with either dom or elijah (or even orlando), but probably not viggo' and for 'everything in moderation: no fluff, no extreme angst, no extreme porn. i enjoy a good character/mood piece. with a little sex, obviously'. Hope you don't mind - I managed it all except the sex, I think! Happy Christmas!

Dear Boys


Pine: A Slashy Melodrama in Six Acts, for trianne

For: trianne
Title: Pine: A Slashy Melodrama in Six Acts
Author: sanzorama
Pairing: Orlando/Elijah
Rating: R for language and sexual situations
Summary: Elijah and Orlando are former roommates who are now a couple. They met at Guildhall wear Orlando was studying acting and Elijah, who quit acting while still a child star, was studying lighting design. Now Lij is making a name for himself as a DJ and Orli is the hot young actor who's starring in a musical based on David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. They're professional lives are going well and, according to the tabloids, they're the new gay "It" couple. Why do insecurities still abound? Will the holidays make a difference?
Warning: AU. Angst in the style of a Puerto Rican soap opera. Foul Language. Man on man action of a sexual nature aka my first explicit sex scenes (¡Ay caramba!). Lots of product placement aka my holiday wishlist. Copious amounts of author's endnotes in which you learn more about me than you probably wanted to know.

Pine: A Slashy Melodrama in Six Acts

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Sir Ian McKellen and the Christmas Eve Conundrum, for valerienne

For: valerienne
Title: Sir Ian McKellen and the Christmas Eve Conundrum
Author: buckle_berry
Pairing: Ian/Billy
Rating: G
Summary: Dom was drunk or high or both, Billy seemed to have been on the same journey, and Ian just wanted to go to the pub.
Notes: I hope this isn't too far removed from the request. Have a lovely Christmas!

Sir Ian McKellen and the Christmas Eve Conundrum


The Axe Effect

For: slashababy dropout
Title: The Axe Effect
Author: suede_scripture
Pairing: Billy/Dom
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Some fancy new formula of glycerine and fragrance, tested on bunnies, subjected to market research and launched at a grocer near you through stupid ad campaigns was precisely the last thing in this bathroom responsible for turning him on quite this much.

The Axe Effect


12 Days

For: slashababy dropout
Title: 12 Days
Author: violettefemme
Pairing: Dominic Monaghan/ Orlando Bloom
Rating: R for bad language
Summary:Orlando and Dom have just moved in together. This is what happens when a thirty year old man with an irrational fear of Santa Claus is forced to deal with Christmas for the first time in years.
Notes: I took a little license with the Twelve Days of Christmas. I realize that they actually begin at Christmas and stretch into January, but I really wanted to use that theme. So I fudged with reality a little bit. Also, While I am friends with many Jewish people, I know only a little about the holiday of Hanukkah and how Jewish people feel about Christmas. If I got something drastically wrong or I offended anyone in anyway it was completely unintentional. Finally, I apologize to coffeewordangel if this is not what she wanted. I had an extraordinarily difficult time coming up with something cracky-horror-different... I did the best I could!

12 Days

Charlie Candy

Secret Slasha - Mort

To whoever wrote Mort:

THANK YOU SO MUCH! It may have been you're first Orlijah, but you definitely didn't screw it up. I love love love it. ♥ ♥ ♥ I have no idea who you are, but I suspect that you know me because a gothic Christmas tale is just my thing. :D

I hope that your holidays are warm and suffused with a brilliant glow. ;-)
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