December 30th, 2004

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Just a quick note to tell whoever wrote my story that I'm not an ungrateful wretch... I just have no internet connection at home right now and can't really read from work. I am really looking forward to it, and I promise proper feedback as soon as I can. <3
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I'm not very bright sometimes. I posted a thank-you in my own LJ, but given that's friends-locked my author very likely didn't see it. D'oh!

Thank you so much for the lovely, angsty, hot Karl/Elijah story. I had a kind of crappy Christmas, to be honest, but reading that made it better ... erm, as does re-reading it. Thank you!
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Thank you :)

I just read my fic, "The Way It Actually Happened" and it's wonderful! I can't lie and pretend I don't know who wrote this, cos the fabulous author came up to me at dinner last night in London and told me, and I was genuinely thrilled :) It's a lovely, warm, feel-good dom/elijah written with just the right edge of realism and a lot of affection. Thank you: I won't spoil the big unveiling tomorrow by revealing your identity here, but I loved it and I ♥ you for writing it.

Thanks and Guesswork

First off, thank you so much to the author of Surfacing. I've no idea who you are, honestly, I'm so bad at guessing at fics that are gifted to me (just ask poor inbetweens!), so I shall just say thank you for now, thank you for putting together something of such beauty to give me for the holidays. I was all aglow when I read it, and can't wait to find out who you are. <3

Now for guesses...

All right, I am taking a couple of stabs at this.

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Thank you!

I would like to give a big thank you to whomever wrote my lovely fic A Bit of What You Fancy.

I absolutely adored it. Especially the Seanlijah bit at the end. And I got both pairings I asked for, so that's even more reason for me to squee! EEEEE!!! You did a wonderful job.

As for who wrote it... I haven't the slightest. The style is very different than what I've read. And if it's someone I know, you hid yourself very well.

Thanks again!
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Oh my god...

Whoever wrote my slasha gift, Billy-locks, I LOVE YOU!!

That was just perfect! I felt my smile get bigger and bigger and bigger as I read more.

There's a tone about it that seems familar but I can't quite pin it down. Will have to see!

Thanks again!!!!!!!!!
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To whomever wrote No Secrets for was wonderful. The characterization was exactly how I see them and just the perfect touch of angst and want.

*goes off to read it again*