December 29th, 2004


I love Apologies!

Hi whatever kind person wrote my Billy/Viggo for me!

I adore it!! Its such a sweet realization for Viggo to finally see, ala with Elijah's help, that Billy wants him. You do a lovely job with both characters, particularly Billy. Your use of his accent at appropriate times always makes me get all gooey. What's better than a sexy man with an accent? *sighs* Thank you for signing up for the Slashababy and writing me such a nice story. I hoe you do some more of this pairing! ;)

And to the person for whom I wrote, I plan on fleshing out the story more. There is definitely more to be done with it, and I hope you enjoy the longer version, which will add to the story. I admit its a bit shrot as it stands.

Love to all the wonderful mods and writers on Slashababy! Let's keep this a tradition!

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Thank you, thank you, and thank you to whomever wrote my wonderful slashafic, The Story So Far! It's even more wonderful than I could have hoped, and I love it. It's so exactly what I needed that I think you must've been reading my mind. Thank you - I have no clue who wrote it, but it's lovely, and I can't wait to thank you with a name to put to it. :)
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Thank you to whoever wrote my DM/EW MPreg fic. I know it's a hard one to write if you aren't into that sort of thing, but you did a good job.

Happy New Year to you, whoever you are!
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Magic Fingers

Thank you so much to the wonderful last minute writer who took up the challenge and wrote, "Magic Fingers" for me. I would recommend any Billijah fans to go read it.

I love the humour of the situation, with Lij constantly plagued by hiccups. Only Billy can fix him up! The last line is just precious!

I don't know who you are, but if you wrote this in a rush then you are very talented as it was so funny!

Thanks also go out to almostnever and kyuuketsukirui for their beta'ing efforts, which by the sound of it were done at the last minute and late at night.

This was a wonderful gift. Thanks so much!
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