December 28th, 2004

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Thank you, mystery slasha

Just wanted to pop in and say a big Thank you to whoever wrote My King for me; it was a lovely Christmas pressie. It's a quite tasty bit of Viggo/Bean/Orli kink, and I particularly liked Viggo and Sean kissing over Orli toward the end of the fic. Such a lovely mental image!
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Feedback on 'It Must Be Love'

Even with Craig and Karl not meshing well in your brain, the story turned out wonderful. Thank you so very much, from an appeased Craig/Karl slasher.

Also, I think I may a guess as to who you are but I'm not sure.

*gives many hugs and kisses*
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It's lovely

Thank you for Hello Stranger, whoever you are. It's perfect. It fits the Harry and Sean living in my brain to a well-honed razor's edge, enough so I wasn't surprised when it was revealed who was on his knees at the end. *g*

Wonderful pressie!

~ Luna

Rec: Siva

Dear Secret Slasher,

Thank you so much for Siva. It is hot and tender and strong. But most of all I like how you used the word shit, sometimes as profanity, sometimes for structure and sometimes in relation to Viggo's sensuality. That's just lovely and apt. And that's my favourite gay porn sexual position! how'dyouknow