December 8th, 2004

F13: Jared Hey
  • denyce

Beta request??

Hiya :-) Thought I'd go ahead & ask since I'm just about done, and haven't had any luck with my regular beta's (different pairings/fandom problem) So that said, I have just over 3300 words at the moment & will probably cap off in another 500/1000 or so to be completely finished no later than Saturday night. Pairings, style--to be vague let's just say Au & men, can give more detail off list for those who can beta.

I know the timing sucks with busy holidays/school finals & writing your own fics, but if anyone thinks they might have time I'd really appreciate it. Please email off list at:

Mucho THANKS in advance!!!

'k, I'm off 2 work
ta denyce