AndreaLyn (andrealyn) wrote in slashababy,

Title: In The Shadows
Pairing: Ian/Elijah, minor Billy/Dom
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not mine, never happened.
Summary: Elijah has no one around Christmas, so he makes one wish.
Notes: Written for beachkid who requested Ian/Elijah, and AU. It has scarily taken on a world of its own in my mind, and sadly will live there forever. Merry Christmas binz!

To the tune of ‘Let It Snow’, Elijah finishes off the rest of his beer, making sure to check one more time to see that the snow in the real world hasn’t abated. If it hasn’t then he has no reason to continue sitting and drinking in the pub. The bartender – a wiry English fellow named Dom – is polishing a mug while watching Elijah.

“Waiting for someone?” Dom asks quietly, knowing the answer to the question already. If there’s one thing the entire staff of the pub – Dom, the waitress they call Mirry, and the Scottish fellow named William that only Dom ever calls Billy – it’s that Elijah never meets anyone. He is perpetually alone inside that pub.

Elijah should be regretting moving to this small town in the middle of nowhere. It seems that no one was born in the place. He sometimes played a game where he would sit in the local diner and just listen to all the accents he heard around him. It was a haven of sorts. A haven for those with broken hearts, sullied pasts, and…and him.

Elijah had run from his old life, and his old boyfriend who had left his number of scars on his body. In the middle of the night, sometimes Elijah will let the name escape his lips in fervor that spoke of desperate lust and pain. “Viggo,” the whine was always breathless and too fast to be caught by ears. He hasn’t quite healed yet, not the way he keeps running his index finger around the rim of his mug while watching the snow.

It’s two days until Christmas, and Elijah can’t think of anything happy without breaking down into trembling shakes.

His best friend from back home who refused to let him go completely still phones him every other day to check that Elijah is okay, and that he isn’t just lying about his current state.

“Sean, I swear, I’m fine,” Elijah always stresses that word, and rolls his eyes. Worry is one thing, but this is overboard.

“I don’t want you to hurt,” Sean says stubbornly. “It’s Christmas, and no one should be hurting now.”

Elijah zones out on the words as Sean goes off on a tangent about taking proper care. Elijah mumbles a few words about ‘yes’, ‘I understand’, and ‘of course’. His attention has turned to the window where there are fresh snowflakes falling, and the wind chimes he hung outside are going mad with music as the wind caresses them.

In the midst of the snow, Elijah swears he can see a face. It is old, with eyes of mischief, and the curved smile speaks of knowledge, tufts of white hair dance on top of his head, and Elijah easily forgets that the face itself speaks of many years, because the look in those eyes is so young and innocent. Elijah cannot keep his eyes off the seemingly angelic visage, and this isn’t the first time it’s appeared to him. It always happens when he’s least expecting it.

When it happens, Elijah’s mouth goes dry and he cannot even think. He mutters a quick goodbye to Sean before wandering over to the window. The face in the glass disappears as quickly as it was ever there, and Elijah’s hands linger on the cool glass.

“Who are you?” he whispers with bewilderment. why won’t you stay longer is the unasked question. Elijah had found rather quickly that whenever he goes looking for the face, he is sure not to find it.

When a burst of wind and snow hits the window, Elijah jumps back in surprise and swears under his breath for allowing himself to get unnerved so easily by a little bit of weather and a trick of the light. He exhales deeply before setting himself straight towards his bed for another night.

He glances to the sky one last time,

He sights a star and makes a careless wish upon it for dreams and the fulfillment of them.

Elijah forces himself out of his dreams to wake up to the sound of neighbours outside, clamoring. He rubs at his eyes and watches as the snow continually falls outside. Inside, in his bedroom, he is cold. Elijah rouses himself into a dressed state, grabs his keys, and freezes in the foyer when he realizes that he has nowhere to go.

It’s Christmas Eve, but there’s no one to visit.

Instead, he goes to where he’s spent all his Christmas Eve’s in this tiny escape of a town. He drives his car straight to Dom’s bar, and wonders briefly who Dom had convinced to work the shift that night. Elijah knew from a few choice conversations that when Mirry said no, you accept the answer and move on. When Elijah stepped into the bar to find William working the tables, he’s not surprised.

Elijah nods silently, and William gives him a quiet nod back. They know how this goes. Elijah sits at the bar, and Dom serves him up the eggnog special. They won’t speak to each other for a good hour or so. It’s the way they are.

At six ‘o clock, Dom has just finished a quiet conversation in the corner with William – one which leaves them both a tad too disgruntled for the season – before Dom heads over to chat with the customers. Elijah is finishing off his first mug of beer when Dom leans on the counter in front of him.

“What was that about?” Elijah mumbles.

“Billy…” Dom grumbles, and then rolls his eyes. “Rather, William thinks I’m handling my business and finances poorly for the season.”

“T’is the season,” Elijah says with a shrug.

“People don’t change,” Dom mutters half to himself and then looks at Elijah. “If you ever remember anything, just…remember that.” With that, he stalks off to the backroom for something that Elijah suspects are supplies. William follows him in after a moment – looking ready to apologize as guilt is splayed all over his features.

Elijah turns his attention back to the drink.

That’s when the door opens and brings in with it a gust of snow, and a warm laugh. Elijah feels frozen to his seat all of a sudden, and he carefully turns around to see who has graced the door. No one comes right after six. At this point, the bar is limited to him, Dom, William, and the odd well-wishers who drop by. He’s alone in the bar just as much as he is alone in his life.

“A might windy out there,” the warm voice proclaims as he takes the seat next to Elijah and takes his hat off. A flurry of snowflakes come off with the hat, and Elijah finds himself staring at the face.

It’s him.

It’s the face he keeps seeing.

“You…” Elijah manages to whisper.

The older man gives him a wicked and knowing smile as the corners of his lip pull upwards in such an impish way that Elijah smiles too. Elijah wants to hit the floor and thank whoever granted him his wish.

“Who are you?” The words escape like a torrent off his lips.

“My name is Ian,” he answers.

“Who are you?” Elijah repeats again, trying to put more meaning behind his words. Ian seems to understand because he leans in close so that his lips are brushing Elijah’s earlobes. The whole room seems to slow to a stop, and time actually freezes for Elijah. All he can hear is the way Ian’s breath is slowly dancing around his ears. All that he can feel is the soft breath upon his earlobe, the gentle brushing of lips against skin.

“I am yours to have,” Ian responds quietly, “until you wish no more of me.”

It’s Christmas, and no one should be hurting now.” Sean’s words come back to him in an echo, and Ian moves from Elijah’s ear. His nose runs against Elijah’s jaw – giving him light shivers down his back and making the hair on his arm stand on end. Elijah inhales deeply as Ian presses lips to Elijah’s own and turns the whole word into stars and night.

A whimper comes from the back of Elijah’s throat because nothing has ever felt so powerful in his life. Elijah feels alive, he feels wanted as Ian’s lips caress his own and one of Ian’s hands slips to gentle stroke Elijah’s neck. Elijah wants this moment to go on forever, because in that moment he feels he has everything he needs.

As the kiss ends, and Elijah reluctantly allows Ian to pull his lips away, his world throws itself into a kaleidoscope of light, and he feels like the earth’s moved. He gives a little surprised sound as his hands reach to clasp the stool he’s sitting on. His eyes widen a little further.

Ian is gone. There is no one there.

‘Silent Night’ plays over the radio as Elijah listens to the heavy silence of the bar. Soon, Dom – fresh out of the supply room, a smug and content little look on his face – joins him. Elijah touches his lips in wonder and disappointment as Dom puts on his jacket.

“Time to head off, yeah?”

“Yeah,” Elijah murmurs in agreement. William is putting on Dom’s hat for him, and Elijah is moving as though his body had just been ice and he was only thawing out now. He blinks rapidly as he tries to put events back into place. He allows himself to be ushered out by Dom and William, and he watches them walk off into the night – snow falling lightly and barely concealing the way Dom entwined their hands together.

Elijah lifts his head to the night sky, and can see the moon peaking out through tufts of cloud. He exhales deeply and watches his breath curl in the night.

Even though it cannot be possible, Elijah can see one single star shining brightly from behind the patches of clouds. He closes his eyes and pretends it’s the glimmer in someone’s eye instead as he is kissed – as he is wanted -- with a keen fire.

Merry Christmas, Elijah.

The words come to him on the wind, filling him with warmth and peace.

“Merry Christmas,” Elijah whispers to the night before walking home, happier than he left.


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