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Christmas Wish for Rachel

This story is written for Rachel, who requested Dom/Lij. Merry Christmas! I hope you like it. I did my best, also trying not to make it to fluff.

Title: Christmas Wish
Author: Christina
Pairing: Dominic Monaghan / Elijah Wood
Rating: nc-17
Summary: Here it is what he had always wanted and wished for.
Archived: on my site Silence Is Golden
Author Notes: Written for Rachel.

Christmas Wish

Elijah looked at the Christmas tree. It was a beautiful one this year. Probably the best he’d ever had. The green branches were extremely green and it was a huge one. It was bigger than him and the Christmas balls had their own lovely colour. It looked like gold and it shone , when the lights reflected on them. It was just beautiful. And Elijah really loved Christmas. He could stare at the tree forever. It did represent how he was feeling from the inside. He had never felt so good in his entire life.

From the kitchen, he heard some noise. The sound of knives and spoons being pushed roughly in the drawer. Tea was boiling and the kettle was making this high singing noise that went through the entire house. Elijah didn’t turn around to see what was happening, didn’t turn around to go to the kitchen and help. Because he knew that everything would be alright. Not like he had thought and hoped for a year ago.

A year ago, around Christmas he was alone. He was standing here, just as he was now. But he wasn’t looking at the Christmas tree. He had been looking outside, waiting and hoping for something. For somebody to come around the corner in their car. But nothing ever came. That was when he had fallen asleep on the couch. Cold and alone.

Suddenly there were two warm arms around his waist. He was pushed closely to the other really warm body and Elijah knew exactly why this seemed so perfect. Because there was love and there was another body. Warm and alive.

“Dominic,” he whispered softly as he nestled himself even closer against the body standing behind him. He felt so safe and secure.

“What were you thinking about, babe?” Dominic asked. Dominic pressed his lips in Elijah’s neck and they were warm as well. Everything about Dominic was so warm. And so right for the moment.

“I was just thinking how lucky I am with you.” Elijah turned around in Dominic’s arms, so he was now facing Dominic. He kissed him softly on the lips, wrapping his arms around Dominic’s neck. He could feel Dominic responding and their tongues were slowly finding each other. There was so much time, that even their kissing was slow and filled with so much love. Elijah smiled and looked at his boyfriend.

“Last year things were so different. I was thinking about how I was waiting for you, last Christmas. And how everything seems so perfect right now.” And he remembered the pain when Dominic never came. When he woke up on that couch and there was nobody, nothing. No phone call or anything like that. How he had yelled at himself, how stupid he was and so naïve. But thank God everything had turned out just fine.

Dominic grabbed Elijah’s hand and pulled him towards the couch. They sat down, silent and Dominic grabbed matches to light the candles standing on the table in front of them. The light flickered and it made the room a whole lot lighter. It was really Christmas. “I know, everything I ever wanted last Christmas was you. And now I have you.” Dominic pulled Elijah closer, until Elijah was leaning against him. Safe. Dominic’s hands were softly caressing Elijah’s hair and just Elijah’s face. “I was so mad at you, so mad at myself. I didn’t know what to do. I was sitting in this club and I was feeling sorry for myself. Being mad at everybody and determined to never go back to you.”

“I was wrong. I was so horrible to you. Telling you to ‘fuck off’, because I was too scared of the feelings I was having. I am so not proud of what I said. I told you I had found somebody else, had cheated on you. Because ‘I was not gay’. God, how wrong I was.” Elijah remembered how angry and afraid he had been. How he had reacted to Dominic. He had said the most horrible things. He deserved to be alone. That was why he was just looking out the window. Waiting for something. He looked out the window once more and he saw the snow falling out of the sky. A real white Christmas. Just as a year ago. But this time it was different. He wasn’t alone. He had Dominic.

“I am so glad everything is different now. It’s still not perfect, cause you still piss me off, but we’re meant to be together. With you I feel whole. I really do.” Dominic kissed Elijah’s hair. “Sometimes I want you to bugger off. And I tell you to do so. And I do get enough of you sometimes. And sometimes you seem unfair to me. But that’s sometimes and we always get right back to where we’re suppose to be. After knowing each other for such a long time, our love only seems to grow. And it does. It grows stronger.”

Elijah smiled, as he listened to Dominic’s heartbeat and his voice softly talking to him. He knew, they were really happy together. And they still fought and they still pissed each other off, but it was nothing like last year. They had found more peace. And they had fought for each other. For their love. Not denying what there was, what Elijah had tried to do last year.

“Now we’re getting a little too emotional,” Elijah smiled and playfully pushed Dominic away. He stood up and tried to run away, because he had seen the smirk on Dominic’s face. But Dominic pulled him right back in to his lap. Elijah tried to fight Dominic off. Pushing him away and squirming the best as he could.

“Let me go!” Elijah yelled. Most of the times, Dominic did turn out to be the strongest one. And Elijah always tried again. Wanting to be the strongest one as well. This time he was trying to tickle Dominic at the same time and Dominic was laughing, that he lost strength in his arms. So he let Elijah go. Elijah stood up and ran to the other end of the room immediately. Near the Christmas tree.

“You know what you’re doing to me, right now, right?” Dominic groaned. He stood up and looked directly into Elijah’s eyes. And beautiful those eyes were. Elijah just smiled at Dominic and looked how his boyfriend got up and stood there, trying to find a way to get Elijah, without having to chase him through the entire house. Of course Elijah knew what this did to Dominic. He knew just how to get them both in the mood. Playing around and then making love.

“If you want it, come and claim it!” Elijah said, trying not to flinch, while looking in Dominic’s eyes. And from there on it went quick. Dominic moved to the right and Elijah to the left, running past Dominic just in time. To the hallway and up the stairs, while Dominic was chasing him and oh so close. Elijah was making this high pitched noise, when he tried to get around the corner of the first floor and Dominic grabbed him just in time.

“I am claiming you,” Dominic’s arms were all around Elijah’s body and he couldn’t stop laughing. But looking into Dominic’s eyes, it made him a lot more serious. There were lips on his, before he could even begin to comprehend what was happening. And soon there were hands under his shirt. Elijah turned around, wanting his arms around Dominic’s body. Hands on Dominic’s back, then under his shirt too. Roaming his back, while Elijah had Dominic’s hands under his shirt, on his belly. Too sensitive like this. He couldn’t quite keep standing up, so he tried to move them both to the bedroom. But Dominic was too busy claiming what was his, his hands all over Elijah’s body. So filled with passion. Like he had been waiting for this for so long. That was the best thing about Dominic. He always gave his whole. Like now.

“Dom,” Elijah panted, trying to gain breath while he was being kissed senseless. Dominic seemed so alive. Being around Elijah’s whole body, his whole being. “Dom.” Again there was no reaction. Just more kisses, more hands that seemed to be on his body. More and more of everything. “Dommie…” And that was when Elijah stopped caring all together. If Dominic wanted to have him here and now, then so be it. If only he knew a way to get his knees stable again, cause he had the feeling he was going to fall down any minute. But Dominic was holding him so close, that he didn’t even have the opportunity to fall down, because Dominic was holding him up.

“You taste so good,” Dominic finally said something. His breath was hitched and he was so warm against Elijah. This time he did began walking, or rather stumbling, towards the bedroom, taking Elijah along with him. Elijah thought he couldn’t be any harder, Dominic had his whole body set on fire. “So good…”

Suddenly they were in the bedroom and Dominic pushed Elijah softly on the bed. In the middle. He wanted him flat, but Elijah remember that clothes needed to be taken off. “Off,” he groaned, while trying to make Dominic remember what needed to happen first. He pushed Dominic’s shirt up, wanting it off over Dominic’s head. Soon they were completely naked, trying not to rip the clothes off. It mostly took too long to get those clothes off.

Dominic was on all fours, above Elijah, who was now flat on the bed. He kissed his boyfriend again, then trying to get those hands all over Elijah’s body again. Which seemed almost impossible to do. Elijah just took his hands right to the place they needed to be. He let his fingers encircle Dominic’s erection. Dominic twitched under his fingers and his hands became more frantic.

“Lij… Lij…,” It was like some enchanting song, that Dominic was singing. Elijah was moving his fingers up and down Dominic’s cock. Wanting to take it in his mouth, but Dominic didn’t even let him, because he was too busy kissing Elijah’s neck and more of where he could get his lips. Elijah could hardly catch his breath.

“Can I? I want you now, Lij…” Elijah smiled and he felt how Dominic tried to get off Elijah and take a more comfortable position. That was Elijah’s queue and he got up quickly, pushing Dominic down on the bed this time.

“Lij…” Dominic protested.

“No, Dom…” Elijah’s hand found Dominic’s and their fingers intertwined. It was the best feeling in the world, feeling Dominic so close. Then his other hand took Dominic’s cock once again, but Elijah’s mouth had found it soon too. Dominic almost arched off the bed, but Elijah knew how to still him. His mouth knew exactly how to tease Dominic to beyond and he did it this time too. Taking it as far as he could, he felt how Dominic was close to his climax. Dominic tried to make Elijah stop, because he felt it too. But Elijah didn’t care. He had Dominic and he wasn’t going to let go. Ever. So he let Dominic climax and come in his mouth. Elijah tasted Dominic in his mouth and when Dominic stilled a little more, he crawled up Dominic’s body again and kissed Dominic to let him taste himself too.

“Lijah,” Dominic tried to regain breath. Elijah just smiled. “Come and claim me,” he whispered in Dominic’s ear. And he tried to bring Dominic back, letting his hands roam all over Dominic’s body again. Soon he felt Dominic’s erection pressing against his knee and this time Dominic took charge. He pushed Elijah on the bed again, grabbing some lube and a pillow. The pillow was placed underneath Elijah and the lube was being poured on his fingers. While trying to find Elijah’s right hand, he let the other hand find Elijah’s entrance. Softly fingers were being pushed inside of Elijah and Elijah’s breath got more heavier. Their hands found each other and that was when Dominic decided to just do it.

Elijah lay there, looking at his gorgeous boyfriend. His everything. All he had ever wanted and felt how Dominic entered his body. It got so hot and it was so warm. And their fingers were so intertwined.

“I love you,” Elijah just couldn’t help himself and said it out loud. Dominic pushed completely inside of him and Elijah couldn’t help but make some noise. “Love you.” He wanted to say it over and over again, while Dominic found his cock and began pumping it. Elijah felt himself almost climaxing, feeling Dominic push in and out of his body. “I love you so much.”

And then he came.

Dominic softly lay down next to him, letting his arms find their way around Elijah’s body. “Oh, Lijah, I love you so much,” he whispered in Elijah’s ears. It was so pure. Elijah smiled and looked up to the ceiling.

This was what he had always wanted and wished for. Being here with Dominic and feeling loved.

~~~ Merry Christmas! ~~~

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