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"Sharing The Burden" by carribbe for shegollum - Lotrips Slasha Baby fic

Author: carribbe
Title: Sharing The Burden
Recipient: shegollum
Pairing: Sean/Viggo
Rating: R
Summary: NZ during early principal photography - Sean is feeling the burden of his role as Boromir, and Viggo volunteers to help ease the weight of the load.    
Notes: Slashababy Request - First time, chest twisty angst, and hopefully the right amount of smutty substance to validate it.

Disclaimer: This is a non-profit, non-commercial work of fiction using the names and likenesses of real individuals. This fictional story is not intended to imply that the events actually occurred, or that the attitudes or behaviors described are engaged in or condoned by the real persons whose names are used without permission.

Sean sighed gratefully as he stepped beneath the hot shower spray, the worry of yet another long day lifting only slightly as the hot water worked to pound the soreness from his arms and shoulders.  It had been an unusually long and difficult day of shooting - most of it conducted outside in the cold, unanticipated rain, and the deep mud.  Despite his commitment to this particular role, Sean remained indescribably thankful this day had at last ended.

Exhaling in relief he tipped his head back slowly, closed his eyes, and allowed the fresh steaming water to cascade in heavy sheets off his body on its way to the shower floor.  Although he had hoped to have enough time for a pint or two before bed tonight, he was embarrassed to admit he was actually too tired to go anywhere.  What he wanted most at the moment was to get clean, crawl into bed, and sleep until his body could recover from assorted recent demands.  Tomorrow was scheduled to be a rare and blessed day off, and he knew he needed to use the time to rebuild his depleted energy level.  Never before had both his physical and mental stamina been so simultaneously tested while making a film, but Sean was determined to bring the character of Boromir to life in the way Peter had so long envisioned him to be.  It was proving to be a daunting task, but he felt ultimately up to it, and today he thought they had made some excellent progress.  A little editing over the next day or two would confirm if he had truly captured the images of Peter’s long awaited vision, or if some of it would have to be redone.  It had all become a very long and tedious process, but a true labor of love nonetheless for everyone involved.

As Sean straightened himself beneath the pulsating spray he thought he detected the sound of a door as it opened.  Startled, he listened carefully to hear it close once again before he reached hurriedly for the shower curtain to pull it slightly aside.  Sean’s eyes widened in surprise to find a bare chested Viggo facing him from only a few feet away appearing disarmingly calm and almost amused, his blue eyes dancing with his own secret brand of mischief.  One hand was trailing slowly across his chest before lowering itself to his hip to tuck neatly into a pocket, the other still clutching what was left of a once cold beer.  His long hair had fallen loosely over one eye, and he smiled coyly at Sean as if that alone would explain a number of things.       
“Evening,” Viggo said quietly.   

Sean’s eyes snapped upward as he realized he had been caught staring at Viggo’s bare navel.  He had always wanted the chance to see Viggo’s handsome frame up close and under  different circumstances other than quick wardrobe changes or inadvertent costume mishaps.  Despite all of those self-admissions, however, he had never truly thought the two of them might be sharing a moment such as this.

Sean’s mind scrambled as he tried to think of a reasonable response, but he remained at a loss for words even as Viggo chanced a slow step closer.

“Mind if I join you?” he persisted, one eyebrow arching slightly and hoping he at least looked innocent.   “Going green and all that other politically correct shit - we can save water at least.”  

Sean laughed easily then, welcoming his mate’s presence, but closing the curtain quickly and willing himself to concentrate on the shower.   

“It’s ok with me,” he called out, attempting to sound casual.  

He could not stop himself from listening intently, soon recognizing the clunk of a bottle on the hard countertop, the zing of a metal zipper drawing open, and the subsequent thud of clothing as it fell heavily to the floor.  His cock had apparently been noticing all of the same as it had begun to swell and bob noticeably against his leg.

“Christ,” Sean thought to himself, as he heard the shower curtain whisk apart behind him as Viggo joined him in the small space.  Sean was considering outright panic a viable option when a pair of long and sturdy arms encircled his waist slowly from behind.  A familiar voice whispered to him next in one ear, low and barely audible, husky yet slightly hitched and infused with an different element of excitement.  Sean found himself on the verge of holding his own breath as he waited nervously, wanting to hear more.  He wondered briefly if he had finally gone completely mad or had somehow fallen asleep while standing beneath the shower spray, the elements of his most personal dreams having somehow materialized amid his fatigue and current state of exhaustion.  Whatever the case he wanted to salvage this unlikely image and keep it for himself for just a little longer.  He wanted to preserve and linger in the sheer comfort of his imagination as it was offered to him when all manner of his personal guard lay devastated and otherwise stripped away.  

Viggo moved again carefully, perhaps still unsure of his ultimate reception or wary of possible rejection.    

“Let me help you,” he whispered in Sean’s ear as he reached for the nearby bar of soap.  

“Just relax now,” he soothed as he slowly began to rub Sean’s belly in gentle and concentric circles with the soap.  

Sean exhaled heavily, overcome with relief and simultaneous excitement, but still grappling with his senses for a viable explanation.  He relaxed as instructed into the arms that held him, closing his eyes once again and allowing himself to enjoy the teasing touch of Viggo’s large hands against his wet bare skin.  

“I’ve been watching you today,” Viggo persisted, continuing to rub Sean tenderly and working the bar of soap into a bubbling and frothy lather.

“Have you, now?” Sean asked, mildly surprised.  

“Yes,” Viggo added, beginning to smile.  “You’re going to be very proud of this project when it’s finished, Sean.  You’ve done a remarkable job of pulling your character together.  You’ve been damn brilliant, as someone I know would say, and I love to watch you.  So will everyone else,” he added, kissing him lightly behind one ear.    

Sean thrilled at the praise in Viggo’s words, but his rapidly hardening cock was becoming far more interested in getting involved in the attention as well.  A tiny moan escaped him as Viggo’s hands moved steadily lower, careful but eagerly searching out his most responsive and tender places and pausing over each one of them for special attention.  Viggo chuckled softly as though he understood but continued to apply the gentle assault with his hands to the sharp contours of Sean’s hips and belly.  Unable to figure out what else to do Sean simply rested his arms on top of Viggo’s and surrendered to whatever was next.  It was too late to pretend he wasn’t interested should that have been his intention, and certainly too soon to stop for his own satisfaction in his long tortured imagination.     

“Vig,” Sean managed to whisper.  “I thought you weren’t real there for a moment.”

Viggo laughed lightly before responding, “It’s me, and I’m here, Sean - right here.  Is that alright?”

“Yes,” Sean hissed as he felt Viggo’s warm hand beginning to close around his now fully erect cock.  “God, yes,” he added, his voice trailing off rather helplessly as he became lost in the sensation of Viggo’s intimate touch.  

Viggo began to pull gently on Sean’s engorged and attentive cock, the soapy bubbles adding a slippery and somewhat decadent ease to the process.  Sean felt his knees quiver and begin to buckle slightly as Viggo reached lower with one hand to cup one heavy sac, squeezing gently while continuing to tease and pull on his sensitive erection.  Unable to resist the temptation Sean began to undulate his hips mildly in a gentle, synchronized accompaniment to the stroke of Viggo’s hands.  He gasped and bit his lower lip to suppress himself as he felt the firm impression of Viggo’s rigid cock begin rubbing between his arse cheeks.  It was the most intimate of touches, the final loss of pretense between them, and Sean felt a luscious tingling beginning to gather and simmer in his groin.  Captured now in the sweet intensity, he reached blindly upward and behind him with one arm, searching for Viggo and grabbing onto him desperately for strength and understanding.  His thighs were beginning to tremble as he pushed himself harder into the warm and wet pocket of Viggo’s hand.  The sensation was making him desperate for completion and release, and he found himself beginning to pant heavily in the warm and humid air.  

Viggo strengthened his grip around Sean with one arm as he continued his gentle assault with the other.  He could sense the raw vulnerability in the tension of Sean’s body, could almost feel the thrum of his blood as it rushed through his body with rapidly building excitement.  He also knew it was unlikely either of them could sustain control of themselves much longer, and Viggo’s chest tightened at the tiny sounds of submission Sean was beginning to make as their intensity continued to build.  The retracted foreskin left the tip of his glans glistening and nearly purple, ready to explode and release his frazzled body from the pent up tensions of the day.  Drowning in sensation but desperate for release, Sean began to piston his hips into Viggo’s relentless grip - three, four, and then one more stroke later, and the floodgates flew open at last as he watched his own release mix with the steamy shower spray.  

“Ummm, there now,” Viggo soothed, as he continued to milk the silky skin of Sean’s cock, his own breathing having grown ragged and irregular.  “Is that better now?”

Sean managed to nod, but was unable to say more before he felt Viggo tense suddenly, encouraging him forward and pushing him firmly into the cold wall.  He suddenly wrapped both arms around Sean and began to rub vigorously into the soapy skin between his arse cheeks.

“God, Sean,” he managed to gasp, as Sean tightened himself around Viggo’s entrapped  cock.  The added sensation was enough, and Viggo moaned as he lost all control and began to pummel himself shamelessly against Sean moments before his own milky release began to mix with the dampness between them.  He could remain strong for only a few moments longer before he collapsed heavily against Sean, sated in relief and satisfaction.

Spinning around quickly Sean grabbed for Viggo and held him, intent on securing him before they were both devoid of strength and neither capable of standing.  He found himself grinning cheekily before wrapping his now spent mate in his arms and hugging him close at last.  

“Thanks, Vig,” Sean whispered tenderly, sharing Viggo’s previous amusement.   “You’re more than welcome to join me any time.”
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