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"Extraordinary Merry Christmas" by thepsychicclam for tweedle_ - Lotrips Slasha Baby fic

Author: thepsychicclam
Title: Extraordinary Merry Christmas
Recipient: tweedle_
Pairing: Orlando/Elijah
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Orlando makes a decision that the last Christmas the cast spends in New Zealand will be the best ever.
Notes: Merry Christmas! I tried to get as close to "happy
hedonism" as possible :D

Disclaimer: This is a non-profit, non-commercial work of fiction using the names and likenesses of real individuals. This fictional story is not intended to imply that the events actually occurred, or that the attitudes or behaviors described are engaged in or condoned by the real persons whose names are used without permission.

"I have made a decision," Orlando declared. He sat down beside Elijah at the long table in the food tent. The group of faces turned to him, some interested, some amused, others confused. "I'm declaring this Happy Hobbits-days."

"Are you feeling okay?" Billy asked.

Dom lowered his voice and asked, "Are you drunk? PJ will flip the fuck out if you're drunk."

"He's finally lost it," Liv told Karl.

"No, seriously. It's our last Christmas in New Zealand. I want it to be special."

"Why didn't you name it Happy Elf-days? You're not a hobbit," Dom pointed out.

"Or Ranger-days," Viggo joked.

"Wizard Wonderland," Ian said, his hands flaring before him.

"I like that one," Elijah said.

"Enough with the jokes. I'm serious!" Orlando looked at each of them in turn. "I want a special Christmas. Most of us haven't seen our families in forever, and it's our last Christmas together."

"I didn't know you were so maudlin," Ian said.

"Now I'm getting depressed. Thanks, Orli." Dom tossed his fork down.

"That's just it. It won't be depressing! It'll be awesome!" Orlando grinned and almost ran his hands through his wig, but then started tapping them on the table. "Are you with me?"

"Why not?" Billy said.

"Of course." Elijah squeezed his knee under the table.

"I like Christmas," Viggo said, nodding. Everyone else murmured an agreement and nodded. Orlando clapped his hands together.

"It's going to be the best Christmas ever!"


Orlando led the way through the small forest, Elijah, Dom, Billy, Sean, Viggo, and Henry trailing behind.

"This is wrong!" Dom shouted. "Christmas should be cold, white, and snowy. Not hotter than Satan's balls."

"You mean Santa's balls," Elijah quipped. Dom laughed and nodded.

"You should be used to it by now," Billy said. "This is the second winter-summer we've spent here."

"Still doesn't make it right. Cutting down a tree in a pair of shorts." Dom kicked an errant stone. "I usually do this with a scarf and gloves."

"I will eat that rock you just kicked if you actually ever cut down a tree before," Orlando said.

"Well, I never did. But when I went to buy the Christmas tree from the lot I did."

"I've cut them down before," Elijah said. "In Iowa, we had Christmas tree farms. We went almost every year with my grandparents."

"I just don't understand why we are doing it now," Sean said.

"I think it's cool," Henry said, looking around excitedly. "We should do this every Christmas, Dad."

"Great, Orlando. From now on I'll hear nothing but ëdon't you remember that Christmas we cut down that tree in New Zealand, Dad? Wasn't that awesome, Dad?' I'll never be able to just throw up a tree from a lot again." Henry pushed Viggo playfully, and Viggo grabbed him by the neck and started rubbing his hair.

"Where's your Christmas spirit? Cutting down a tree is a huge tradition in my family. My mum's parents lived in the woods, and we'd go pick out a tree every Christmas Eve when we went to visit," Orlando explained.

"How does one pick out a suitable Christmas tree?" Dom asked.

"Don't ask me," Elijah said. "The ones we got were pre-grown, spray painted, and shaped. These don't look so much like that." They stopped in the middle of a grove of trees. Most of them were too tall to fit into any building, but a few were short enough to work.

"Does anyone know what kind of trees these are?" Billy asked, touching a few of the needles with his fingers.

"Karl will know," Viggo answered.

"And if he doesn't, he'll make it up," Dom added.

"It doesn't matter. They look enough like Christmas trees that with tinsel and lights we won't know the difference from the ones we had at home." Orlando stopped at a smaller tree and started walking around it, inspecting it closely.

"But they'll still be little kiwi trees," Billy said.

"With little kiwi accents," Dom said, doing his best New Zealand imitation. Dom and Billy began walking around the taller trees, discussing their possible Ent names in fake accents. Henry and Sean were discussing the best way to decorate the tree while Viggo was sniffing and rubbing the needles.

"Hey," Orlando said, grabbing Elijah's hand and pulling him to his side. He wrapped his arm around Elijah's waist and placed a quick kiss to the side of his head. "What do you think about this one?"

"Hmm." The tree was just a bit taller than Orlando, a light green color with slightly triangular shape. If they squinted their eyes just the right way, it might look like a traditional tree. "There are a lot of gaps in it, between the branches," Elijah observed, sticking his arm inside one of the gaps.

"More room for ornaments," Orlando said.

"You want this tree, don't you?"


"Then, it's our tree!" Elijah walked over to the others. "This is our tree," he announced. "Viggo, got the saw?"

With the small claw-tooth saw, Viggo crawled underneath the tree on his stomach and started sawing. "Timber!" he called as the tree fell to the ground.

"I hope none of the branches broke." Elijah squatted down to look at them closely.

"It needs a name, Billy." Dom looked thoughtfully at the tree while Billy walked to the other side.

"Should it be holiday-themed?" Billy asked.

"What about Santabeard, like Treebeard?"

"Shouldn't it be white?"

"Santabeard the Christmas tree!" Sean exclaimed. "I like it."

"You guys are weird," Henry said, looking at them all like they were crazy.


Orlando decided that merely decorating the tree wasn't enough; he decided to throw an ugly jumper/tree decorating party the next night. A mate of his in catering got some food together in a hurry, the hobbits went to the liquor store, and Sean, Liv, and Miranda rounded up as many decorations as they could, both used and borrowed.

He invited everyone. Actors, production, stylists, sound guys - if they were within a fifty mile radius, they got an invitation. That's why the party ended up happening not only in Orlando's house, but his back yard, his front yard, and the two houses on either side of him.

Early in the night, Orlando ended up sitting on the couch with Liv, Miranda, and Sala stringing popcorn and cranberries. He was rather proud of his ugly Christmas jumper. It was a red button-up, oversized cardigan with a busy scene on the front. On one side was a full portrait of Santa with his sack of toys, and on the other side of the buttons was a large Christmas tree and a fireplace. Miranda wore a blue sweatshirt with falling snow and trees lining the bottom, Liv had on green vest layered in four sections ñ wreath, snowman, tree, poinsettia. But Sala took the cake. He was wearing a black sweater with two ice skating snowmen, one of which had fallen down.

"I don't understand why we are doing this," Sala said, sliding a cranberry along the string. "Why are we wearing sweaters in December? It's 20 degrees outside."

"Yes, but in England, it's cold. These are a tradition!"

"And they're fabulous," Liv said.

"Why don't you celebrate Christmas New Zealand style?"

"We did that last year," Orlando answered. "We wanted to do it like we do at home this year."

"It's not how we do it in my home."

"That's why we're doing it in my house." Orlando shot him his best cheeky grin.

"Ignore him," Miranda said. "I believe Orlando is feeling a touch homesick."

"It's Christmas; sue me." He rolled his eyes and shoved a piece of popcorn so forcefully onto the needle that it broke apart. "See? You're making me break my decorations."

"I think that a Pohutukawa tree would have looked better than that ridiculous thing you have up over there."

"I like my tree."

"It has a bit of the Charlie Brown syndrome," Liv said.

"The what?" Sala asked. While Liv was explaining the concept of a Charlie Brown tree, Elijah (wearing a royal blue sweater with a large Santa holding the reins to a reindeer in the snow) rushed up to Orlando, dropped into his lap (knocking popcorn out of his lap as he did), and held a twig over his head.

"Mistletoe!" Elijah kissed Orlando, then moved it over Liv's head beside him and kissed her on the cheek.

"Where did you find mistletoe?" Orlando craned his neck to look at what Elijah was holding.

"Well," Elijah started, his cheeks coloring. "We didn't actually find it. We kinda found a twig with leaves and made it look like mistletoe. And by made it look like mistletoe, I mean we just called it mistletoe." Elijah pointed to the doorways leading out of the living room. "We put it up in all the doorways to spread the Hobbits-day love."

Orlando raised an eyebrow. "That's ridiculous."

"You're stringing popcorn, dude. That's all I'm going to say." Orlando chucked a cranberry at Elijah's face and it bounced off his nose. Elijah draped an arm around Orlando's shoulders and grabbed a handful of popcorn. Orlando tried to swat his hand, but he crammed it all in his mouth just in time. Defeated, Orlando sighed and started stringing popcorn, having a bit more difficulty with one arm wrapped around Elijah's waist.

"You know," Sala started, "the sleigh you had Dom and Billy erect in the front yard is going to stick out around here. Most imagine Father Christmas to wear swim shorts and ride a surfboard or jet ski. I always believed he brought his gifts in a Maori canoe."

"That's kind of awesome," Elijah said, pulling a cigarette out and sticking it between his lips. Orlando took it out and tossed it on the floor.

"Not in my lap."

"Fuck off, Mom." Elijah climbed off him and picked up his cigarette and tucked it behind his ear.

"A scene with Father Christmas in a canoe wouldn't feel like Christmas to me," Orlando said. "I know he couldn't actually deliver presents in a sleigh, but hell, he wouldn't be able to deliver presents to most of the world in a sleigh. Doesn't stop them from believing."

Elijah finished lighting his cigarette and exhaled a stream of smoke. "LA feels more like this than any winter wonderland. Still, there's sleighs and snowman all over the fucking place."

"All of you should come to my house for Christmas dinner," Sala said.

"What do you have?" Miranda asked, tying up the end of a garland while Liv began a new one. "We just generally bar-b-que or have a picnic."

"We have a feast of hangi."

"Do I even want to ask?" Liv asked. "Sounds a bit like haggis, and after Billy explained that to me, no thank you!"

Sala shook his head. "No, hangi is a dinner cooked under the ground according to the native Maori style."

"I'm so coming to your house for Christmas dinner!" Liv exclaimed.

Sala smiled and slipped another cranberry on the string. At that moment, Billy came up to them, wearing a green sweater with a hideous teddy bear on it.

"Dom and Sean just took the jello shots out of the freezer, in case you're interested." He gave them a cheeky grin, then moved on to the next group of people. Elijah jumped off Orlando's lap, spun around and held his hand out to Orlando.


Orlando looked at the others. "Come on."

"What about the cranberries and popcorn?" Sala asked.

"Aw, I think he's getting into the Christmas spirit," Miranda said, grinning. Sala tried to look grumpy, but it didn't work so well.

"I could use a drink." Liv stood up, stretched, and very carefully rubbed her eyes so as not to smudge her makeup. "My eyes are starting cross."

Elijah led Orlando by the hand into the kitchen, where Billy, Dom, Sean, Viggo, Karl, and Bean were gathered around the kitchen island. Elijah squeezed in beside Dom, Orlando attempting to squeeze himself between him and Viggo. Viggo threw an arm around Orlando's shoulders and gave him a congealed maroon jello shot.

"What kind?" Elijah asked.

"Cranberry, of course," Dom explained, smiling proudly. He looked absolutely ridiculous in a red sweater vest (with no shirt and board shorts that didn't match) with large bells and holly all over it. Orlando was pretty sure he would win any contest, though Viggo was a close second with a light blue one with a cat wearing a Santa hat, a red bird on a birdhouse, and a string of lights that actually blinked. He was momentarily disappointed that his friends out-uglied his own jumper.

Dom added, "I chose the alcohol theme just for Orlando. Cranberry jello shots, lime jello shots for when these run out (for the color, of course), cranberry vodka, and peppermint schnapps. I even put them in Christmas molds. Candy canes, trees, snowmen. I spared no expense."

Sean rolled his eyes. "He didn't buy them. Liv borrowed these from Nancy in makeup."

"And for those who want something other than straight god-awful flavored alcohol, we have a mini holiday-themed bar in the dining room serving Black Santas, Blue Snowflakes, and Candy Cane-tinis," Billy explained, pointing through the kitchen door into the dining room where others were gathered. A few of the people hanging around the edge of the group migrated into the dining room.

"Billy, if you will." Dom handed Billy a tray, which he offered to everyone standing in the kitchen.

"There is really no ritual for jello shots," Elijah said, holding the wiggling candy cane in his hand. Orlando shrugged and popped his into his mouth. The others followed, and then they were grabbing seconds and thirds from the trays set on the island between them.

"I was saving these for Billy and me, but I guess in the Christmas spirit I will share." Dom opened up a cabinet and pulled out a tupperware container full of plastic syringes filled with jello shots.

"Fucking A, Dom," Elijah exclaimed, eyes wide as he stared at the container, "were you planning on giving Billy alcohol poisoning for Christmas?"

"I've decided I wanted to get extremely drunk in honor of Yule." Dom grabbed two syringes and squirted one into his mouth.

"How spirited. Shit-faced for Yule." Dom chunked a jello snowman at Viggo, which landed against his neck and stuck. They all exploded in laughter and then jello shots were flying across the kitchen. Bean managed to pelt Billy right in the eye, Karl had one smeared in his hair when Sean missed Elijah and hit him instead, and Dom and Orlando were just picking them up and squishing them on each other.

"Boys," Miranda said, shaking her head as she entered the kitchen with Liv, both holding candy cane-tinis.

"Right?" They sighed and exited just as a jello shot came flying at them.


A few hours later, Orlando was drunk. Not too drunk he decided, just nicely drunk. There was a pleasant hum in the back of his brain and his body felt warm. He was currently in a chair next to a card table where Ian, Billy, Dom, Viggo, John, and PJ were playing poker. Elijah was in his lap, head on his shoulder. He was either asleep or extremely mellow, because he hadn't moved in over fifteen minutes.

"I say we take the stakes just a bit higher," Dom said as John shuffled the deck. "Let's make it a drinking game."

"Please, Dominic. You already reek of vodka," John said.

"That's just because Orlando smeared jello shots all over him," Viggo explained.

"I think it's a grand idea," Ian said, smiling mischievously. "And I will tell you right now, young sir, I shall beat you."

"It's on!"

PJ got up. "Early morning. You bunch may not have to work tomorrow, but I have days worth of edits to go through."

"I, too, will call it a night. I am glad to be taking so much of your money with me though," John said, grinning as he gathered up his wad of cash.

"Light weights!" Dom shouted. "Scoundrels! You scallywag! You are too yellow-bellied to cross paths with me! I shall strappado you and leave you to the birds!"

"Why are you talking like a pirate?" Billy asked.

Dom shrugged. "Aye, matey, you are just scared of me skills!"

"Thank god I'm leaving," John said, shaking his head.

Viggo took over shuffling the cards, then dealt them out. True to his word, Ian started off strong. Dom, Billy, and Viggo were already three shots down before Ian had to drink anything. They continued playing, Orlando watching closely as Dom threw insults across the table and at anyone who passed by, as Billy and Viggo both openly and secretly cheated, and as Ian played some of the best poker he'd ever seen. But when it was time for Ian to take his fourth drink (and by this time Dom, Billy, and Viggo were really drunk), Orlando noticed something.

"Hey Ian," he said quiet enough so that he was the only one who heard. "I saw what you just did there."

"I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about, my dear Orlando."

"You tossed the shot beside you instead of drinking it."

"I saw it, too," Elijah said sleepily, finally stirring in Orlando's arms.

"So that's your secret to winning and staying sober? Cheating when it comes to the drinking?"

Ian dealt out cards to the others, who were not paying him much attention. Dom and Billy had begun singing dirty Christmas carols loudly. "Two things. First, I have been drinking for more years than most of your ages combined. A few shots, if I chose to drink them, wouldn't get me as drunk as these fools. Secondly, they are so drunk I could do anything and they wouldn't realize it." He cleared his throat. "I am naked and about to do the Macarena with Orlando and Elijah." Billy, Dom, and Viggo paid him no attention. "See?"

Someone in the other room turned the stereo up loudly, and Elijah jumped from Orlando's lap. "I wanna go dance. Come dance with me!" He pulled on Orlando's arm, trying to get him out of the chair.

"Oh, to be young and in love," Ian said dreamily.

"Is he always this sentimental?" Elijah asked.

"Don't you mean cheesy?"

Elijah and Orlando joined the growing dance party in the living room. Elijah grabbed Orlando's hand, pulled him close, and wrapped his arms around his neck as Orlando wrapped his arms around his waist. Immediately, Orlando lowered his face and kissed Elijah. His mouth tasted like cranberry and cloves, a strange, yet Chistmas-y, mixture. Maybe it was the liquor, or the warm fuzzy feeling from the holiday season (or maybe the liquor), but everyone dancing around them faded out until there was nothing but Elijah's warm, soft tongue inside his mouth, his small hands on his skin under his shirt.

"I hate to break this up," Dom said, tapping them on the shoulder. When Orlando wrenched himself away from Elijah's mouth (which he absolutely did not want to do), Dom was smirking at him. Orlando tried his best to glare. "Billy had a great idea." Billy, arms wrapped around Dom's waist like he was holding on for support, nodded emphatically. "We should go caroling."

"Yes!" Elijah shouted.

"But before we go," Dom said, leaning into Orlando. He could smell the alcohol heavy on his breath. "You need more to drink, my friend. You are far too sober." Elijah and Billy nodded in agreement.

"Fine." Orlando walked into the kitchen and looked around for the jello shots, but there were none left. "Maybe there's some vodka left."

"I have a better idea," Billy said, letting go of Dom and stumbling a bit. He dropped to his knees and crawled to a cabinet, opened it, and pulled out a gold bottle of tequila. "Tequila shots!!!"

"I do not want to spend tomorrow puking," Orlando said. Dom ignored him.

"Go get Sean and Viggo," Dom told Billy. "They should do tequila shots, too!" Billy darted toward the rest of the house, running into the doorframe as he left the kitchen. "Elijah, get on the island."

"What are you doing?" Orlando asked as Dom knocked empty syringes, napkins, and trash to the floor. Elijah, seeming to understand Dom, jumped on top of the island and lay back. He winked at Orlando and tugged up his shirt, revealing a bit of pale flesh. "Oh." Orlando swallowed. His brain wanted to do a lot to that bit of exposed flesh; taking a tequila shot off it was not it. But when Dom placed the lime in Elijah's mouth, Orlando decided tequila shots were a good idea.

Billy returned without Viggo and Sean. "I couldn't find Sean, and Viggo, Bean, and Karl are outside in some discussion that I'm too drunk to care about. Something about philosophy, or cars, or something."

Dom filled a shot glass with tequila, handed it to Orlando, then filled one for himself and Billy. "Billy, come here." He sprinkled salt on Billy's neck, then handed Elijah the salt so he could sprinkle it on his stomach. "On three. One,,,two,,,three!" Dom licked Billy's neck as Orlando licked the salt from Elijah's stomach; Orlando took a bit too long, letting his tongue linger on Elijah's skin. Then he pounded back the shot, the liquid burning down as he leaned down to bite into the lime. He pulled the lime out of Elijah's mouth with his teeth, tossed it to the floor, then leaned down to kiss him. His fingers drew incoherent shapes on his stomach while he pressed his mouth a bit more harshly than usual. The alcohol burned in his chest, belly, limbs, and Elijah's tongue felt perfect. It wasn't until he heard Dom say, "This may have been a bad idea, Billy; they may not make it to the bed" that he snapped out of his daze.

When Orlando glanced at Dom, he said, "Can we go caroling before you two fuck? I'm just saying. I'm trying to spread some fucking Christmas cheer up in this place."

Elijah sat up, grabbing the bottle of tequila and taking a swig straight from the bottle. His face contorted in a grimace as he swallowed. He handed the bottle to Orlando. "One for the road?" Orlando turned up the bottle as Elijah jumped off the island. "Here we go a-fucking-caroling."

They found Sean on their way out, and managed to convince Miranda, Liv, Viggo, and Karl to join them, too. They were all pretty drunk, so they stumbled down the road, trying to decide where to start.

"Almost everyone is at my house," Orlando said, arms linked with Elijah and Karl. "No one's going to be home to hear this. Maybe we should have thought this through a bit more."

"PJ's home. So is John. And Christopher. Ohmigod, we have to serenade him. He'll be so fucking pissed! It'll be awesome!"

"He'll kick your ass," Karl said, laughing.

"That's worth seeing," Sean said. Dom knocked him on the side of his head. When they got to Christopher's house, they stood in his front yard and started singing "Jingle Bells." Since no one knew any of the lyrics past the first verse, they immediately started "Deck the Halls," but they knew even less of those. While they were trying to decide the next song, Billy started running down the street.

"Where's he going?" Viggo asked.

"Yeah, we didn't even have time to wake up Christopher!" Dom pouted. As they walked to the next house, Sean pulled out a flask and passed it around.

"Look at Sean! Always prepared. That's our Sam," Elijah said, kissing him sloppily on the cheek.

"Look out! The drunken Fellowship is going caroling! Sauron beware!"

"What are you two on about?" Dom asked.

"Hey! We're walking in a Wizard Wonderland!" Sean said, him and Elijah exploding into laughter.

"And we just sang Jingle Elfs!" Elijah added. They started cracking up again.

"I think we should cut off their liquor," Orlando said, shaking his head. They finally caught up with Billy, who was at an intersection looking around.

"Which way?"

"Why did you run all the way up here?" Dom asked.

"This jumper was hot. I needed to cool myself down."

"Let's go to PJ's," Elijah suggested. "We can sing the Twelve Days of Christmas."

"The Elf Days of Christmas!" Sean said, and they were laughing again. "On the first day of Rings-mas, Sauron gave to me - "

"Why is Sauron giving the presents? He's evil," Billy said.

"The elves? Would they give presents?"

"Bilbo could give presents."

"Elrond. How about Elrond? It's easier to say than Galadrial."

"Peter Jackson!" Liv exclaimed. "Peter Jackson gave to me..."

"I like that," Karl and Viggo said.

"Fine," Sean said. "On the first day of Rings-mas, Peter Jackson gave to me..."

"A Frodo with the One Ring," Viggo supplied.

"Good one."

"On the second day of Elfmas, Elrond gave to me..."

"Two palantirs," Karl suggested.

"Nice!" By the time they got to Peter's, they had mostly worked out the words, so they stopped in front of his house and sang at the top of their lungs.

"On the twelfth day of Rings-mas, Peter Jackson gave to me,,," They sang loudly, each gift louder than the one before it, until they were basically shouting, "two palantirs, and a Frodo with the one ring!"

"I'm dreaming of a cold Christmas," Dom started when they finished the other song, and everyone joined in. Dom kept changing the words, singing things like, "where the air is frigid, and children wear coats and gloves, instead of swi-im suits,,," After a few more lines, half the group started singing "Jingle Bells" again and no discernable lyrics could be heard.

Finally, Peter opened the front door in his bathrobe. "Seriously? Guys? Shut up. Unless you want to be fired."

"You won't fire us," Dom said.

"Yeah, you'd have to refilm too much," Orlando laughed.

"Plus, you love us!" Elijah added.

Peter shook his head and rolled his eyes. "We'll just get Andy to redo your parts and CGI over your faces."

"You wouldn't!" Dom shouted.

"Get out of here, you idiots."

"Merry Rings-mas, PJ!"

"We love you!"

"We love Yule!"

"Merry ñ wait, I play Merry! Merry Brandybuck! Merry Brandybuck to all, and to all a good night!"

When they finally managed to get back to Orlando's, the party was starting to thin. Orlando looked at the clock and couldn't believe it was after 3 a.m. Bean and Karl left, Viggo curled up in an armchair and started to fall asleep, Liv stretched out on the couch, Sean passed out underneath the dining room table, and Dom and Billy took Orlando's guest room. Elijah disappeared into the bathroom and when he came out found Orlando in his bedroom. Elijah was now wearing his glasses instead of contacts, and Orlando thought it was the sexiest thing ever.

"Come here," he said, pulling Elijah down on top of him. "I fucking love these glasses." Instead of responding, Elijah just kissed him. Orlando rolled so he was on top of Elijah, and made quick work of unbuttoning Elijah's jeans and tugging off his sweater. Almost as an afterthought, he took off his own clothes, Elijah trying to help, but being too slow. When they were finally naked, Orlando covered Elijah's body with his own, their hands going everywhere.

Orlando wrapped his hand around Elijah's hardening cock, pumping his fist a few times as he spread precum around the tip with his thumb. Elijah moaned, and shifted so he could reach into the bedside table. Orlando kissed the taut line of his neck, his hand moving lower to play with his balls. Finding what he was looking for, Elijah pulled out a tube of lube and popped open the cap. Orlando held out his hand as Elijah squeezed a generous amount into it. Capturing Elijah's mouth with a kiss again, he spread the lube over his cock, then gently slid two fingers inside of Elijah. There wasn't time for drawn out foreplay tonight; they were both too riled up and tired for anything else. Elijah moaned and adjusted around the familiar intrusion, then Orlando pulled his fingers out and positioned his cock at Elijah's opening. As Elijah shifted and wrapped his legs and Orlando's waist, Orlando gripped his hips and started sliding in slowly. Elijah's hands gripped his shoulders as he pressed against Orlando's cock, urging it further in. When Orlando was completely inside, he slid out then thrust in more quickly, then set up a steady rhythm. Elijah pulled his face down into a kiss, and Orlando slid one hand from Elijah's hip to his cock and wrapped his fingers around his shaft. He pumped his hand in time with his thrusts, and pretty soon Elijah's body was shuddering beneath him and he was coming over his hand. Orlando gripped his hip again and thrust faster and harder, then came inside Elijah.

He collapsed on top of Elijah, placing kisses against the thin skin of his collarbone. After a few minutes of lying in blissful silence, Orlando rolled off Elijah, and grabbed a towel. Elijah wiped himself off, then grabbed a blanket from the floor and disappeared for a few minutes. He returned with two glasses of water and a bottle of ibuprofen.

"Good thinking." Elijah handed Orlando a cup and the bottle, then crawled under the covers after him. When they'd taken the pills and drank a bit of water, they turned off the lights and snuggled under the blankets.

"Did you have a good night?" Elijah asked.

"It was wonderful." Orlando kissed the back of Elijah's neck. "Oh no!"

"What?" Elijah craned his neck over his shoulder.

"We forgot to judge the ugly jumpers! I wanted to give out a prize."

Elijah laughed and settled back in Orlando's arms. "I think Dom should have won."

"Or Viggo. That thing was hideous."

"Agreed. Viggo wins the ugly sweater contest." They laughed and lay quiet for a few minutes.

"Merry Christmas, Orlando."

"Happy Christmas, Elijah."

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