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"All That Matters" for carribbe by dizzydame/lavitanuova- Lotrips Slasha Baby fic

Author: dizzydame aka lavitanuova
Title: All That Matters
Recipient: carribbe
Pairing: Billy/Dom
Rating: PG-13 (language)
Summary: There's something about Billy that makes Dom feel like time stands still.
Notes: Thanks to my to-be-later-revealed beta, she knows who she is, and to Billy and Dom with providing some last minute inspiration via adorable hand holding and deep-eye-gazing antics.
Post-reveal Notes: virkatjol saved my life with a last minute beta, since I’m brilliant and decided to completely redo my fic the night it was due.

Disclaimer: This is a non-profit, non-commercial work of fiction using the names and likenesses of real individuals. This fictional story is not intended to imply that the events actually occurred, or that the attitudes or behaviors described are engaged in or condoned by the real persons whose names are used without permission.

There's something about Billy that makes Dom feel like time stands still.

It's not that neither of them have aged; oh, no, they both have. Billy has less hair on his head and Dom has more hair in other places and sometimes when they talk they spend more time comparing which body parts are sore than they do trading stories of antics.

No, the part that's timeless is how Billy makes Dom feel. How he can hear Billy's voice and none of the bad stuff matters, it's all water under the bridge. How he feels safe and loved and it doesn't matter what a prick he's been to Billy or what a general fuckwad he's been to everyone in his life, how many bridges he's burned or people he's alienated, because Billy takes him: just as he is, whole or broken, bitter or laughing, drunk or sober. And that had been a struggle for a while, to realize that no matter how hard he pushed Billy wasn't faltering, but now he gets it, he accepts it, he counts on it. Now he isn't sure what he'd be without it and he feels like he's been dropped right back into his early 20s when he looks at Billy with adoring hero-worship eyes, before he knew that loving someone like that could hurt like hell.

He shows up on Billy's doorstep at four in the afternoon a week before Christmas and it's not an expected visit, but Billy takes it in stride.

"Where's the pint-sized ginger?" Dom asks, peering past Billy as he drops his back in the foyer. "The other one, I mean."

"Ali's got him at her place. Bringing him back 'round tomorrow for a few, and then she'll have him again until Christmas. You never heard of a telephone?" Billy shuts the door behind them and grabs Dom's bag. "Mobile? Land line? Email? Fax? Telegram? Carrier pigeon?"

"Oh, the pigeon didn't make it?" Dom feigns surprise.

Billy cuffs him on the arm but before he can move his hand away Dom grabs it and uses the leverage to pull Billy into a hug. They hug tightly, and maybe it should be brief but it lingers. It's not Dom holding on; it's Billy, and that makes Dom's stomach flip in ways it shouldn't.

Twelve years on and the bastard can still make Dom feel like a twee little girl. He pulls back, cups his hand on the back of Billy's neck and peers. "All right, there? Going soft in your old age?"

Billy's mouth works like he's reaching for a come back but he just shakes his head.

"Billy?" Dom's voice goes wonky because he hates it, fucking hates it, when something isn't right for Billy. He's fiercely protective to Billy in a way he's not sure he ever could be to anyone else and he can take a lot of beating for himself, from life and people, but no one fucks with Billy. His fingers squeezes at Billy's neck and then Billy looks up at him with those clear green eyes, and he kisses Dom.

Leans forward, lips right on Dom's, slightly damp and warm, and kisses him.

He's pulls back before Dom can even respond. Dom swallows, looks at Billy again, and the gaze is unwavering. "That what you need, Billy?"

Billy gives him a little crooked grin. "Dominic, my friend, I've got no bloody idea what I need."

"Well," Dom says, and it's so blindingly easy to say. The words just slip out like they've been waiting to for all his life. "If it is, then you got it."

"Really? Just like that?" There's disbelief in Billy's voice. "Can't be that easy, Dom."

"Why can't it? You're a free agent, so am I." He doesn't mention the girl he's been sleeping with back in LA, because it was never going to be anything, and Billy's always been everything. He kisses the corner of Billy's mouth and stays in close, his forehead resting against Billy's. Billy smells like coffee and aftershave and it makes Dom want to smile. "This can be whatever you want it to be."

And he knows it can be, and they'll survive whatever it is or isn't, because he and Billy are like something out of a fucking storybook, a forever kind of thing that he trusts with his entire being. Billy might make him feel like he's 23 again but he's not - he's had time to live and learn and realize that this doesn't come along every day. He's not gay, but it's Billy, and there's nothing about Billy he doesn't want.

"Well," Billy starts, but his voice catches so he clears his throat and tries again. "Well, for a start, we can get you a shower. You're ripe, mate."

He's not quite back on track but Dom will forgive him just this once. He snags Billy's hand in his and squeezes. Billy looks down at it, and then slides his fingers against Dom's.

On impulse, Dom raises Billy's hand to his mouth and kisses the knuckles. The wisps of hair tickle his lips and he kisses again, with more pressure, before he lets go.

"Really? That easy?" Billy asks again.

Dom shrugs. "I've fooled around with blokes before, if that helps."

Billy's face colors slightly, a faint blush of pink that makes his freckles stand out. "I haven't."

"I can teach you." Dom smirks, trying to unsettle Billy on purpose now. Then he relents, cuts Billy a break - just this once. "If you want to learn."

"I just want you here. Rough around the holidays - missing Jack, my gran..."

"You want some family around." Dom still has Billy's hand in his.

"You are," Billy says.

"Yeah. I know. That's why I'm here. Because you're the only stupid sod that'll let me just hop a plane to come for a visit without kicking me out on my arse." Dom's accent thickens as he speaks, emotion seeping into the words, smoothing out the hint of LA insincerity that tends to infect him.

"Still might do," Billy shoots back, and Dom laughs.

"No, you won't." Dom smirks. "Then who would you go around snogging?"

Billy's face warms again and he looks at Dom, at Dom's mouth, and Dom feels that interest stirring elsewhere. Billy's considering something, and it doesn't look like it's the first time he's thought this, but maybe the first time while Dom was actually there, and that's a new layer to them that excites Dom.

It feels new and old at the same time... it feels timeless.

Tags: stories 2011

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