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"A Numbers Game" for dizzydame by escribo - Lotrips Slasha Baby fic

Author: escribo
Title: A Numbers Game
Recipient: dizzydame
Pairing: Billy/Dom
Rating: NC-17
Summary:  Dom helps Billy celebrate his birthday
Notes: Happiest of new year's dizzydame!  And thanks to the mod for running a great fest!

Disclaimer: This is a non-profit, non-commercial work of fiction using the names and likenesses of real individuals. This fictional story is not intended to imply that the events actually occurred, or that the attitudes or behaviors described are engaged in or condoned by the real persons whose names are used without permission.

Thirty one is a curious age to fall in love, Billy thinks.  He's no longer a young man, not like Elijah or Dom, yet not middle aged either, not even close.  He's poised, he thinks, right on the brink of something grand, and there's no place else he'd rather be, though it's probably best not to think about exactly where he is that at this precise moment.  Best to think about how thirty was worlds better than twenty nine, which had been incredible actually.  He hadn't thought he'd be able to top being on a plane, flying to New Zealand with a drunk elf getting drunker.  The whole of the second half of his twenties had been brilliant, really, but thirty was magical, he'd thought, at least until thirty one came along and he discovered--

"Are you doing your times tables?"

"What?"  Billy opens his eyes and blinks, frowning at the ceiling, at least until Dominic's ruddy face fills his vision.

"Times tables," Dominic repeats, grinning his crooked smile--the one that Billy is this close to admitting out loud how much he adores.  "Sometimes I work those in my head when I don't want to--"

Billy kisses Dom to shut him up and then closes his eyes as Dom goes back to his happy work.  It's not such a bad idea after all, the times table.  One times one is one, he thinks at the same time Dom presses a kiss to his clavicle.  One times two is two as Dominic takes a nipple gently between his teeth and nibbles until Billy groans, nearly losing his place.  One times three is three.  Easy.  One times four is four--just like four hobbits, minus one elf because he's on the South Island.  They'd gone out for drinks to celebrate his birthday though Sean had cut Elijah off early and taken him home long before midnight.   They had an early call tomorrow.  Of course, Billy had an early call, too, him and Dominic both.  That's two hobbits at six in the morning for four feet, or twelve divided by four, which was three, which happened to be the exact time they'd tumbled into Billy's bedroom.

"Not helping," Billy stutters out as he curls his toes into the sheet and lifts his hips when Dominic draws back off his cock with wet sounding pop.

"How about the reciting the kings and queens?  Start with William the first, you see, and then William the second, Henry the first and so on--"

"Really not helping."

Dominic presses a kiss to Billy's inner thigh, laughing throatily when Billy's hips raise and parry again. "Never figured you for a monarchy kink."

"Not my--" And then Billy loses his train of thought completely.  He tries not to look, afraid (as he's been all night) that he'll come too soon and completely embarrass himself but it's hard with the show Dominic is putting on for him with his lips stretched wide around Billy's cock.  He truly looked like a porn star, except gorgeous and real and very much not just a fantasy (though he's certainly had a starring role in more than one of Billy's in the last few months).

Billy flops back onto the pillows and squeezes his eyes shut tight, searching desperately for something to distract himself with--times tables or monarchy or cars! All the cars that he's ever owned, though it's a short list.  A tiny list actually, starting with a hard used 1989 mustard yellow Samara hatchback with a permanently stuck clutch and ending with the 1994 bright blue Riva that had actually belonged to his sister, though she let him take it out when he had a date. 

He has a lovely car now--a Daewoo Nubira, parked in the garage of his house, though he never drives it unless it's to go surfing.  Dom drives him everywhere mostly.  In fact, Dom had been driving him home from the pub that very evening and Billy had been rattling on about how this was the soberest he'd ever been on his birthday when Dominic had suddenly kissed him.  It'd happened so fast and was over before Billy had realized what was going on that he sat there stunned for a moment.  Dominic had whispered one to grow on, yeah and then gave a nervous laugh, his hands curling white knuckled on the steering wheel as if ready to leave--escape.  It was in the moment that Billy opened his car door that Billy's brain caught up, and he reeled Dominic back in, kissing Dominic with a fervency he hadn't felt for anyone in a long time.

Dominic had apparently needed no other encouragement.  He'd opened his mouth to Billy, their kisses urgent as they'd tore at each other's clothing until Billy finally fumbled with the keys in the ignition and crawled out the passenger door.  He didn't bother to look to see if Dominic was following.  He knew he would be.

"Soon," Billy whispers, unable to stop the pump of his hips into the perfect, wet warmth that is Dominic's mouth.  "Too soon," he whines a second later.  He wants this to last forever.  He wants to never stop, and the time they have left in New Zealand is certainly something he won't even contemplate right now--can't bear to count the days off.  Instead, he lets himself go with very little warning, only just grasping at Dominic's shoulder and yelling, "Now! Now! God now!"

It was near five in the morning when Dominic's mobile chirruped.  Billy hadn't got past more than two sheep leaping over a fence before he'd passed out, Dominic curling around him and whispering the happy birthday song into his shoulder.  It'd been brilliant--magical.  No, brilliant, the most wonderful night of Billy's so far quite fabulous thirty-first year.  He squeezes his eyes shut tighter as Dominic answers his phone, not willing to let go of even a moment.

"No feet," Dominic says the a moment later, clicking his phone shut and tossing it to lay with their discarded clothes.  "Another hour to sleep."

"Just sleep?" Billy turns, catches Dominic for a kiss before he presses him onto his back.

"You have something better in mind?" Dominic asks and then his brain catches up to Billy's.  "You do have something better in mind."

"It's my birthday plus one, which is twenty-nine, or thirty-two, whichever way you look at it, near enough to sixty, if you add it all together, only just a minute off."

"There's too much of a Took's reasoning in you," Dom says fondly, and curls his hand into Billy's hair.

Billy hums, already sliding beneath the sheets and leaving a trail of kisses down Dom's body.  "I suggest reciting your times table," he whispers, just as he closes his lips over the tip of Dom's cock.
Tags: stories 2011

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