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Preview: untitled Billy/Elijah fic for oneangrykate

Well, I'm afraid I took the date extension as authoritative, and the window of time in which I might have got it done for Christmas has now passed.

But rather than leave poor old Kate's stocking bare, I thought I'd post a preview. 700 words, a fantasy sequence, Elijah's POV.

Naturally any comments would be very welcome at this stage -- though I don't really expect any, since I'd think people would rather wait for the whole thing to read. Really I'm just posting to be transparent about what's happening with it.

Otherelijah is asleep in Billy's bed. Then Otherelijah is not asleep anymore. That thing has happened that wakes you up -- the unwilled thing, whatever it is, the tiny tectonic shift in the plates on the surface of the mind -- it has woken him. And so Otherelijah is awake, though he is still full of sleep like being full of sand, or warm lead. He rolls; as if down a hill Otherelijah rolls, and he rolls into Billy, soft like the bottom of a sand dune.

Clumsy, he paws Billy with the pad of his palm. Billy's lax nipple, delicate and crushable as tissue, snags in the creases of Otherelijah's palm. When Otherelijah paws again, lingering, still clumsy, the nipple begins to tighten, to become pert and waxy.

Billy shifts, and it seems Billy is awake, too: slow as a bear in a burrow, but awake, too. Billy rolls toward Otherelijah; their faces bump and nuzzle, blind in the dark.

The bottom of the sand dune is a little further down after all: Otherelijah rolls on top of Billy and Billy rolls onto his back, easy as gravity.

When Billy's legs come apart, it is like unsheathing an onion from its skin: simple, something it is in the nature of the thing to do.

That last, greenish layer before the succulent centre is left to come: Otherelijah pushes Billy's knees higher.

Real Elijah gets a bit confused about what Otherelijah does now. For a couple of breathless seconds it seems already Billy's body is bent savagely in half and Otherelijah's hips are belting into him, and Billy's eyes are all flickery and desperate and he is making this sort of whimpery, barking sound.

But no, that's not what's happening yet. Now he thinks about it, it is still like it was before: the lights off and the covers on, and Billy and Otherelijah burrowing slowly against each other like bears in the dark. But their burrowing is getting a bit more purposeful now. Otherelijah is wrestling Billy's legs up around Otherelijah's waist, and Billy is sort of helping and sort of not, in that shiftless way of sleepy people. Otherelijah is rubbing his forehead on Billy's shoulder. No, actually, Billy is rubbing his forehead on Otherelijah's shoulder, and Otherelijah is stroking his fingers through Billy's hair and pressing his lips into Billy's scalp, smelling claggy-sweet hair gel and yeasty-sweet sebum.

And then, because life is simpler for Otherelijah, without recourse to things that live in bedside drawers Otherelijah simply slides inside, slides into Billy's body, all the way, as far and deep as he can go. And Billy makes a noise that is maybe like a bear cub seeing the sun. And Otherelijah takes his dick almost all the way out of Billy and then he pushes it all the way back in: he gives it to Billy again, and again, and Billy makes the noise again, and again. And Otherelijah is growling at Billy and Billy's hand is climbing Otherelijah's braced arm, and Billy is saying, appallingly softly, "Lijah."

And Otherelijah is cooing at Billy, and Otherelijah is fucking Billy hard and fast, and then they are not saying anything -- they are just making the swishing sound of skin on skin, and making the bedsprings thrum.

Then Billy is making this sharp, broken noise, and his hips are twisting up painfully, and his cock -- his lovely, pink, soft-veined cock -- is spurting up over his chest. There is come on that little milk coffee freckle below Billy's left nipple; there is come all up under the dip of Billy's ribs where his stomach falls away when he lies down. Elijah thinks of once peeling off a big fleck of seaweed beside Billy's hipbone when they were at the beach, and he thinks that there is come just there on that spot. Then Elijah thinks that maybe there is come on Billy's nipple, too, and then Elijah thinks that Otherelijah is coming too, filling Billy with hot fluid, and Billy's eyes are rolling back in his head at the rush of it deep inside him.

Elijah, the real Elijah, catches quickly with a tissue the dribble that threatens to slide away down his wrist.

He strains for noises in the dark house. It's hard to hear over the surging of blood in his ears.

A car goes past outside. The gum by the side patio creaks.


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