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For almostnever: With a Shudder and a Sigh

For: almostnever
Title: With a Shudder and a Sigh
Author: absolutefiction
Pairing: Elijah Wood/Dominic Monaghan
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Dominic finds himself in Elijah's bed, finally.
Notes: Thank you, msilverstar for the first thorough beta, you certainly had your hands full with this one. And thank you, anatsuno for the more-than-beta. You clearly helped me lots, cleverly keeping in mind what I was trying to say. LOFF TO YOU BOTH AND CES, TOO. Happy New Year!

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction, which means that while the characters depicted are based on public personas of real celebrities, the events described in the story never happened. This story in no way claims to represent the truth about the people mentioned within or the way they would behave.

It took Dom a good handful of seconds to figure out where he was. His mind spun and wobbled around cocktails and barrooms; a drunken walk with the guys through Wellington to Elijah's flat; a sitting room and games of dares and then clumsy, cigar flavored kisses in front of Lij -- Lij. Right.

Elijah's bed then...

After Dom had kissed Viggo on one of Billy's dares, with tongue, sloppily, his guts had answered with a sour pull and that's when Dom had staggered, blurred and bumpy down Elijah's hallway.

Beyond that, the only memories left of the night before were visions of a glacier-like porcelain bowl, images which shot past Dom's shut eyelids as he attempted to suss out whether Elijah was in bed with him, and why he felt as if he'd done something totally unacceptable earlier.

No way kissing the soon-to-be-king could be a problem. They did that sometimes; him and the guys. Well, some of the guys, Bean and Billy and Orli and - almost everyone but, now Dom was thinking... never Elijah.

Suddenly, like a football had been kicked smack into his belly, Dom remembered Elijah's face after that kiss with Vig. This little expression Elijah gave where he seemed to be saying, I see what a pathetic loser you are and yet I still love you. Dom would've held out that Elijah was full of it, and that might've even succeeded if not for the part where Dom's saving grace had always been that he actually knew what a right cunt he could be most of the time.

But none of that mattered anymore.

Because if Elijah had given him that look then, when Dom was kissing Viggo, well, that meant Elijah didn't want Dom to be kissing Viggo, which in turn had to mean that Elijah wanted Dom to be kissing him.

Or at least that was a distinct possibility, and one that Dom was well willing to run with --

Hang on.

He was in Elijah's bed.

He held his breath to listen for Elijah's breathing, still unsure if Elijah was there next to him... And there was hope yet, because he heard the soft sound of Elijah's breath.

Next to him. In bed.

In bed, where Dom was at his least twat-like and his most genius-like.

Dom focused. He was still feeling queasy, not quite sure he was even awake proper. He opened his hand, which was clenched in a tight fist, and reached for his crotch. He found himself warm and hard and naked. Christ.

He whispered: "Elijah?" It came out all phlegmy and dirty, so he tried again, and louder. And that time, he grabbed his cock tightly and opened his eyes when he husked out "Elijah," with much more certainty.
Dom would have been surprised, if everything didn't seem so fucking certain at this moment : Elijah had apparently been next to him and even awake all along.

Eyes open, face open.

They stared for what seemed like forever but was probably a second - the way that stuff goes.

Finally, Elijah said, "Dominic," a little throaty, unbelievably fucking pleasing to Dom, who was so completely thankful he wasn't dreaming. A sweet, sweet sound that was, slow and small and just the right rhythm. He thought he wanted to hear Elijah say it over and over again.

But Elijah only said it once and they continued to stare at each other. When Elijah grew a slight hint of a grin, Dom noticed that it looked like Elijah was naked, too. So Dom, one hand firmly holding his dick, flung the blankets off them with the other.
Unfortunately Elijah was not entirely naked; he was wearing boxers. Nothing else though, and soon enough he slid them down his skinny downy legs, over his knees, and off.

The sliver of night light cast him pale on the greyness of the sheets. He was still a little blurred round the edges, but the bluest blue of his eyes was the only color Dom was aware of at the moment, and it cut like the shards of heaven... or some other, equally naff image. Dom would never tell him that he looked like an Angel or an Elf, some sort of poufy, positively unreal being otherwise unknown to this planet, but Elijah truly did.

And then Elijah scooted closer, pressed his crotch flush against Dom's thigh, and Elijah's dick was hard and creamy-wet at the tip and Dom could feel it along the hot skin of his leg.

Suddenly it all seemed so stupid that they never ever had done this before. Not just stupid but impossibly foolish; both gay or bi or whatever, and so obviously completely attracted to one another. Christ.

Dom found he couldn't move, which was surprising to him because he could have sworn he was the sex god of their group.

Yet, it was Lij who put a hand on him.

Elijah nestled close, fitting his body snug beside Dom's, and kept his eyes on Dom's as he put his hand on Dom's hand and squeezed it, so that Dom's hand closed more firmly around his own cock, constricting the heavy pulse of his blood, making him light-headed and short of breath. That's when he slid over Dom, keeping his hand secure around Dom's and slipping his other between Dom's thighs, feeling him up in that damp in-between, the tender skin.

Then Elijah was grasping Dom's balls and rolling them around slightly less than gently in his palm. Finally he spoke, saying, "fuck" with a wicked looking grin. Dom didn't know why but he'd expected him to say something else, something clever or kind. But Elijah only leaned down to kiss Dom's lips and it didn't matter anymore, it was much sweeter than words. Even though Dom's mouth felt sort of numb.

Not only that, but the taste in his mouth was pretty gross. But it was watering, and Dom wanted this so much that he hoped somehow it wouldn't taste disgusting to Elijah. He hoped it felt good to Elijah and wished he could feel Elijah's lips through the numbness, but it was just warmth and spit and blood pulsing from his head to his ball sacs to his toes and back up to his head again.

It didn't matter because his body knew what to do. Elijah pushed his tongue in and Dom's mouth opened; Elijah massaged his balls and cock and Dom's cock and balls responded. He lifted his hips; he ground them into Elijah's grip; he breathed and gasped for air when he needed more.... and his heart sped and his blood rushed and his mind blanked out and his body squirted come.

After, when Elijah dropped his weight on him and rubbed against his body, Dom held Elijah with both his arms in a strong embrace. Finally, Elijah trembled and came too. Dom kissed the side of Elijah's face and kissed down behind Elijah ear; he kissed deep in that muss of thick hair near the nape of Elijah's neck that for so long, he'd wanted to bury his face in.

Finally they'd done... done something, fuck sake. After all that time, thank God. Now all that was left was to do everything. Dom couldn't wait to get started on everything -- anything. He really couldn't.

But first he had to sleep.

And then he smiled with a shuddering sigh, realizing that sleeping with Elijah was certainly a very good place to start.


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